February 24th, 2011. Save myself.

Well, now that I am going to live my “own” life I have to figure out how I am going to do that.  I feel like one again I am having to shut my heart off in order to continue walking.  I feel like I am having to harden myself so that I can keep on going, and I don’t naturally like to do this being someone that is very sensitive and gentle.  At any rate, I now need to take care of myself the best way I know how and get myself to a place where I can self-sustain.  I need to be able to “carry my own weight.”  I have a feeling that on this road, one of the lessons will be learning to take risks and chances.  I hate taking risks and chances and prefer predictability.  I understand that progress comes in bounds and leaps.

If this is my life then “what am I going to do with it,” I ask?  The world is a playground and this is my showroom, and it’s a chance to shine… I am sure that I will fall as I’m “out” there.  To be really honest, I am afraid to be “out” there.  I am afraid of this whole “sink” or swim deal.  What is life without someone?  I feel like I have been emotionally alone for too long and the last thing I want is to not have someone to rely on and have to solely rely on myself emotionally because I have already had to do this and it’s been very difficult…

“Us against the world” -Musiq.  There isn’t any “Us against the world” anymore… Ashley and I are through, and I just need to get her out of my head.  You know, the truth is, all I really needed (wanted) was a friend… but the simple fact is, she’s cut me off for reasons of her own, and I just have to move on.  She wants me to “move on” fine.  I will move on via action, but not heart.  The heart may take some time… I am not someone who has multiple commitments… that is not me.  I tend to be very faithful and true to causes and persons I believe in.

At any rate, I will force myself to move on via action and honestly try not to get a chip on my shoulder or too jaded when I come home from a jaded world and want nothing more than to have a woman there to help “soften” (comfort) me.  We all need that comfort, and I have never had it.  I have always been the “strong” one, just naturally… it’s hard to find an equal.  Ashley was an equal of mine.  I don’t even want to mention her name anymore, as it hurts so bad I just want to laugh to try and deflect the pain.  I am angry and sad at her choice to cut me off, and I just want to run away.

I can (and should) be able to make things work for myself out there… out there in this “world.”  I am a pretty tough cookie.  I remember when I was little wanting to do SWAT, or the DEA.  I love cop shows.  I am interested in protective custody, too… ie, children.  I am interested in protecting and serving.  At any rate, I guess it’s now time to protect myself.  Every time I try and get Ashley out of my head I can’t.  I sit here, and I think, “Wow, I’m going to be all grown up and she’s going to be married.”  I don’t know, I guess that just goes to show my lack of faith in society right now, because the reality is, God and the Universe work in mysterious ways.  For instance:

I watch this video, something I once (and still, in the back of my mind and deep inside my heart) believed in, and I think to myself, “Maybe I won’t get that lucky.  I am definitely a force to Reckon with.”  I am strong and persistent.  There is a fine line… I guess there is also a time and place, and now is the time for me to let go.

I have only been able to sing this song to two people — Ashley (originally, and still) and then my previous counselor/confidant “Syndee” who’s heart had no bounds and where boundaries were extremely blurred.  “Undefined.”  I guess love has no bounds…. it’s true, it cannot be defined or exacted… it’s not a science.  It’s just simply chemistry… something we try and figure out when we get scared or are simply curious, but we can’t, because it just is…  Soul-mates are one amongst a few, and they are great opportunities for us to learn about ourselves, others, and life.  They come and go, but I think it can be said, that for some those connections and ties never change.

So I will “pull up my bootstraps” so-to-speak and continue trucking.  I am not going to let anything stop me or get in the way of my own success, which I define as the ability to be self-sufficient and take care of myself.  I know that I am capable of being successful and living passionately and purposefully.  My dream is to inspire… to make change.  Ashley has no clue who I am and what I’m capable of, but that is okay, because there will soon come a point where I will be out there “on my own” officially, and I will have no one but myself to turn to.  I will make it work for myself, and I can only hope that by then, and if, and eventually that I can let a woman, and another woman into my heart…

“Dreams unspoken, this price is our token” –a line in a poem I once wrote.  “Words cannot describe, words cannot define this thing between you and I.”   Someday… not right now.  I will choose to live.  If she wants me to move on, fine.  I want to move on, too, for me… to grow up.  For me to be able to move some of this energy and get it, things going.  To do.  To stop sitting on the sidelines planning my attack so-to-speak.  To just be and trust.  “I can make it on my own.”  Instead of the song, “Just the ‘two’ of us,”  that “two” will be me and my little girl inside… that tough, strong, independent, rambunctious, energetic, alert child:

Now I owe it to myself and my little girl…

February 23rd, 2011. Rant and quick vent.

I do not like being told what to do.  I hate it.  I think it’s rude and childish.  So I was sitting at the kitchen table with my small mini (literally) laptop and Barb (Rick’s girlfriend) had just come over and asked me to remove my laptop.  It looked like they (Rick & Barb) were just wanting to make some room on the table for dinner, and so I just scooted my stuff together and she said something along the lines of “There won’t be any computers at the table; that’s not how we do it.” Rick then said something similar to back her up.  I just looked at her annoyed like, “Who are you to call the ‘rules?”  I was thinking, I am a grown adult and can make my own choices.

I had already eaten dinner (I had eaten because I was really hungry and could not wait, and secondly — most importantly, because Rick has been sick, and I did not want to get sick) and I wanted to sit there with them but not if I wasn’t going to be eating.  I wanted to be social and not social at the same time, which is fine.  I think this whole, “No laptops at the dinner table” is stupid.  Ask yourself, “why?” If you even say, “Because it’s ‘normal’ or because it’s not ‘appropriate;'” I don’t even want to hear it… people can and should be able to do what they want and everyone has their own reasons for things.  I could have just not been social at all, but I was trying to be and that should be respected.

At any rate, I just wanted (needed) to vent.  I hate being treated like a child.  I am independent and fiercely independent-minded and can make my own decisions.  I highly dislike being bossed around and not having my space respected.  When people say, “Because I ‘said’ so” I want to go tell them to “go fuck themselves” as Erin so bluntly puts it.  That is such a cop-out and ignorant response.

February 22nd, 2011. There is hope.

Well, I haven’t quite made it off my bed yet and away from my computer.  I was in the midst of tying things up when Ashley responded to my text surprisingly, and I must say that I am left with tears in my eyes… I am literally crying right now… I am not sure exactly what I feel –grief sadness?  Relief?  I am upset and just want (need) a hug… I majorly need a hug and a vacation with someone who loves me and cares about me.  I started to honestly think that it was a long-lost dream with Ashley… her support… our friendship…

She said to me, “Emily your core issue that you can do it alone..but don’t believe that you can.” I couldn’t agree with her more, and I responded to her, “I am stuck right now in the grief… the emotions, and need a helping-hand –someone beautiful like yourself–  extroverted, friendly, warm… Who knows me and knows my capabilities, which you do, and which is why I need you… Your help.” I said, “I just want to listen to you, Ashley.. to open my heart to you.  I have been so very lonely and need a friend.”

I’m re-reading my text, and I feel pathetic.  I am glad that I’ve open myself up to her (it’s like opening a can of worms) yet I am embarrassed to a degree because I want to be somewhere I’m not, ie: further along, and I am very strong, yet I am not demonstrating that strength for whatever reason.  I see reminders of her everywhere I go… the movie “Chronicles of Narnia” reminds me of her… especially in the first one where Lucy meets the elf-looking animal.  He becomes Lucy’s best friend… that’s all I want, really, a best friend… friendships are far, few, and in-between… rare, and I realize that now, which is why I have held on for so long…

I always trip –stumble over my words when it comes to Ashley… even talking to her in the mall the other day… I always wonder, “Did I say too much; did I not say enough?” I just want something to evolve again, but in a completely different way… I want to build a friendship, slowly.  I cannot help but feel pathetic now like I should be stronger than this… than what I am.  I have always been strong.  I do not like appearing weak.  I hate.  I despise it.  I feel unattractive and ugly.  I feel scared.  My greatest fear is probably being hurt emotionally, which is what keeps me stuck.  It’s my Achilles’s heel.  I fall.

I wish that it would rain right now… I understand I am engaging in fantasy again, but I cannot help but think about this make-believe “best” friend, ie: Ashley, Wanda, Michael, etc. –someone with a good head on their shoulders and us playing in the rain… even, yes, adults can do this ;)  But honestly… just walking, talking, laughing… going to movies… sharing… I feel like I am in some glass bubble or something and it’s separating me from living… is that fear?  …lack of support?  Connections?

Enough with the analyzing, Ashley has reached out to me, and for that I am grateful.  She stated, “Well I work 5 am til 4pm everyday.. my time is limited and I go to bed early.  I will try giving u a call when I have time.” Hearing this makes me happy and proud (for her) –she is such a strong person.  Yet I hear it, and I think, “Oh, God, please don’t call me… I do not want to make a fool –idiot, of myself.”  Honestly, that is what I think… and I am afraid to talk to her!  I am afraid because of the above!  I do not want to make an ass out of myself and say the wrong thing and/or not say enough.  It is extremely difficult I am realizing for me to be with my feelings, and it takes time… they come and they go; they are not as readily accessible as they used to be, likely because of all the trauma I have endured…

At any rate, I can’t just pour my heart out to her like I want to if I’m not fully “there,” and yet in those moments that I am “there,” there is only awkwardness should I decide to “release” (so-to-speak) my tongue… ie, like I did with Wanda with my philosophically-oriented nature.  God forbid that I do that and come off awkward and (my worst fear) be abandoned, such was the case with Wanda.  God forbid, honestly… I mean, aren’t “friendships” supposed to be non-judgmental?  Aren’t we supposed to be allowed to make stupid remarks, do stupid things, etc. and not fear being left or cut off?  Honestly, rejection is one of my worst fears… the emotional and rejection… it all ties together.  I just want to be emotionally supported and I can prove steady reliability.

I am going to really try and go this time LOL.  Ashley is still responding to my texts so I may type again here soon to up-date, but I am honestly going to try and get off here and put on some music and shower, too.  Erin will be home in a little over an hour, and I just want to be alone with myself and my thoughts… When she gets home she will probably just want to chill out, and honestly, I will probably be in the mood to go out… that’s usually how it goes, but I don’t want to go out by myself, as I naturally enjoy and prefer going out with someone or in a small group.

February 22nd, 2011. Apathy. “The hero that I couldn’t be.” -DS.

I am sick and tired of not feeling anything but dread every single day.  Life does not even seem worth living and is dull, ugly and boring.  I just wrote in my other journal today how I need a “hand” to help pull me out, quote, “Something to pull me out of this.”  I can swear I’ve said this before in earlier years.  I am obviously depressed.  I texted Ashley this morning, and told her that I need some help getting out of a difficult situation and that I basically could use a friend and she did not respond.  With that being said and the previous correspondences with her, I am finished.  I have solidly (and painfully on some level) realized that I cannot rely on Ashley.  Ashley is no longer interested in maintaining any sort of relationship with me.  How do I know this?  Quite simply, her actions.  It is true, and even she herself said this many years ago, “Actions speak louder than words.”  I attest to that.

Speaking of “actions” and just some quick venting… This is the 3rd time that Erin has worked with Devin and forgotten to text message me.  She usually text messages me that she made it to work safely, and I have not heard from her.  She has been at 30th Street Station training with Devin for the past 2 weeks now because they are switching stores.  At any rate, Erin has blatantly forgot to text me and she’s usually excellent about it.  In fact, she is staunch when it comes to texting me to let me know that she made it to work safely.  Granted, sometimes she’s a few minutes late, but she always texts  me.  Today and yesterday she blatantly “forgot.”

She has also been showering and washing a lot the night before and occasional morning of work.  She did this when she was working with Theresa who I believe she had a crush on.  Yesterday she asked me to accompany her in the bathroom while she takes a shower, and she spoke of and went as far as showing me her armpits, etc. and how she’s all “clean” now.  Apparently she had not shaved in months… at any rate, this has been an ongoing thing with her getting all pepped up when working with Devin just as she did with Theresa and even Tabby.

I am so tired of women… I was going through my old journals the other day, and it’s quite unbelievable the behaviors that I have put up with.  I honestly wonder what that says about me; the simple fact that I have chosen to stay.  I mean, reading these past journals blows my mind… there are so many similarities and patterns; you would think that by now I would have learned my lesson… apparently not.  The truth is, I think my self-esteem is really low being where I’m at, and I am just having some difficulty getting back on my feet.  My coach said I need an “airlift” (metaphor) out of this place, ie: living with Erin, which I couldn’t agree with more; however, I don’t have one…

Ohh, I forgot to mention… last night I had asked Erin to go to my facebook page because I wanted to see if her new computer’s contrast is different from mine, and when she went to my page she said she had to sign in (she didn’t have to, but that’s another story) and when she signed in, two friend-requests popped up, and guess who they were?  Katey, our old ex girlfriend who lives here in town who Erin just brought up a few months ago, saying how she saw her car parked across the street from where she worked and she’s positive it was her car, and Christie, the girl who Erin supposedly has never met whom her best friend, Marie, is/has been trying to hook her up with.  Supposedly the girl was born in 1985 and is a singer just like Erin likes!  Yay for Erin!  Yes, I am being sarcastic.

At any rate, I am sick of this crap… I asked her to block the two requests by the way… yes, they did make me uncomfortable and insecure, and I think it’s fully warranted.  She claimed she was going to block them (well, Katey’s) “anyway.”  Okay, yeah.  At any rate, she had stated that she hadn’t signed on in months, and I think it’s funny (coincidence) that when she does happen to sign in there are two friend-requests from possible lovers and prospective love interests of Erin’s.

To put it simply, I am sick and tired of having to worry about someone and their support/devotion.  I am tired of the lack of sincerity demonstrated in my relationships and really demonstration period.  It has been years since someone has demonstrated their affection for me via gifts, cards, etc.  Erin did not even remember, or rather choose to celebrate either of my past two birthdays, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.  Do you know how insulted I was?  I remember being devastated on my birthday because she completely blew it off…  Annie was the same way only she actually bought me a card at the very least.

At any rate, Erin seems to claim these occasions are not a “big” deal.  She says she doesn’t celebrate them with anyone, which I think is complete bulshit.  After all, she does like to go to birthday parties, yet she can’t even acknowledge that it’s someone birthday, anniversary, etc?  Right.  So as you see, this is what I have been dealing with for literally the last 4 years — no exaggeration.  The last time that I was shown affection was with Katey!  (Yes, the same Katey that is trying to make her way back into Erin’s life — I must be honest, you must question her intentions) and Katey ended up being an extremely controlling, jealous partner.  I’m not sure if she’s worse than Erin in that realm or not… honestly, probably not, but she was covertly manipulative.  Erin is just sly… both honestly are slime balls, and I should have stopped dating for a while after Katey.  I was afraid though and needed support.

So here I am, and it’s a beautiful sunny day, and I am choosing to stay inside because it’s freezing outside.  I hate the cold.  The sun makes zero difference if it’s freezing out.  The people that I care about, ie: Ashley, Wanda (potential friend), Michael, etc. all seem to not give a crap about getting a hold of me, and so I am left out “in the dark” so-to-speak.  Erin is too busy blowing me off because she’s too focused on the newest latest thing, which is actually what people (potential love interests) are to Erin, and even my own family is not speaking to me because they’re too self-absorbed.  I am honestly beginning to generalize and wonder whether the whole world is this way.  Is everyone selfish and in it for themselves?  Is everyone irrational and not monogamous?  People don’t give a shit it seems.  It seems like all that everyone cares about is going to bars and out to eat and working…

I mean, this is “work” America… you work then you party party party.  You work then you go out to dinner and have a “glass of wine” –whoopie doo!  What about individual sports, ie: rock climbing, camping, poetry, art?  People don’t seem to care about these things anymore.  Life honestly seems like a big joke.  Let me put that in quotes, “Life” –Yeah, this so-called thing called “life.”  What the hell is life when you don’t have any support?  I have absolutely no social circle… no friends here, etc. and God knows I have tried!  Apparently (I have been told this by several people that) Philadelphia and other “major” cities are different… people are just off in their own little worlds.

For instance, Erin wanted to go to the coffee shop the other day to spend time on her computer and so we went to the coffee shop… actually, two days in a row, and everyone there is extremely quiet and off to themselves… I don’t understand… it blows my mind.  Zero conversation, just people absorbed, lost in their own little worlds with head phones in.  That may be okay for them, but it’s not for me… quite honestly, I have always felt awkward at coffee shops.  I first off don’t drink coffee… or cappuccino, and I only drink de-caff herbal tea.  I just feel strange in coffee shops… Star Bucks is even worse.  I don’t “fit in.”

There is actually one coffee shop, or rather, strictly tea shop, and it’s called “Infusion,” and it’s on the outskirts of Philadelphia in a section called Mt. Airy, and I like it there… a lot.  It’s artsy and full of a bunch of art-political folks.  They host poetry there every other Friday just about.  That is a shop I can get down with.  But the rest…. not a chance.  I just want to avoid them.  So I must say it’s always weird when people invite me out for “coffee,” or a “drink,” because neither of these activities I participate in!  I would rather take a walk together… or go to a movie… or go to a park… or a play, etc.  I’m not comfortable with the whole sensate-coffee drinking.  What about a journal-writing cafe?  I don’t see anything like that here, nor have I heard of it, but I can almost bet you that in Portland, OR (“Keep Portland weird”) there’s one!  You get my gyst.

Blogging helps relieve stress… this is very helpful for me.  Decision-making on the other hand is not.  –Not right now anyway.   Not when I’m stuck, torn, etc. in my anxieties and neurosis LOL.  I honestly need that “helping hand” and nobody is willing to offer it to me… and yet I do not feel strong enough right now to offer it to myself so I sink further.  I am angry and frustrated at life right now.  As I said, I am pretty obviously depressed.  I am trying to do what I can do get out of it, but I will say right now, honestly, I am not going out in the cold unless I have to, so I’m pretty much home-bound.  Work training starts in a few weeks, and I am not looking forward to it… mainly because of the weather, but also because it’s not team-oriented, the type of job I am looking for, and it’s at a school where it’s loud and there are a bunch of kids –many sick one’s at that, running around.  The environment may be too chaotic and stressful for me.

A part of me wants to fall into another relationship just to help me get out of this one… but I know that wouldn’t  be smart.  Yet I am bored, anxious, lonely, and resentful.  I am angry at everything that has happened with Erin, and I want to just escape… As I say this, I imagine people saying, “Well, no, why don’t you sit down with yourself for a while,” but that’s ignorance on their part, because if they have known me, I have done too much “sitting” and am (identify as) “stuck.”  I honestly need help… support.  A group of friends.  I am very selective in my tastes and interests though, and I have actually found some healthy, vibrant friends in a meetup group online –all black, which is okay with me because that’s the community I feel most alive with, and I was already shafted by one person.  See past entry.  I apparently scared her away by asking a philosophical question, “Do you ever feel nostalgic?” I guess in Philadelphia you do not ask this stuff.

Perhaps I should say “Filthadelphia” because things aren’t pure and rich here, internally, (my projected perceived state-of-mind) because I was asking a simply pure, rich (deep) question, ie: “Do you ever feel nostalgic?” and was blown off and cut off.  Okay then.  I guess there is a “time and place” and it’s sadly never the “right time” for me in Philly.  Result:  I live in my lone castle… as a lone wolf, more lonely than ever.  “Why should I even bother,” ie: going out, I ask myself.  It’s honestly a very good question… if I seem to repulse everyone I meet, “then what’s the use?”  That’s my frame-of-mind, newly developed :)  Honestly though… it’s miserable.  Excruciating.  I am not used to this… not having friends.

I am going to try and watch some inspirational videos now to try and pull myself out of this.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even pack up my portable suitcase too just to see how much can fit in there.  I really don’t want to have a lot of things and want to be able to be portable if necessary —“God knows how long this is going to last” seems to be my mindset and has been since my father’s death after discovering him dead.  Apparently I have no clue (insight) into “reality” as things function (work) entirely differently here… I am a country, rural girl –raised in Indiana and lived in Vermont for 4 years –you would think someone would give me a break and understand, but apparently not.  I am too “open,” etc.  Okay.

Bitterness bestows me… I am finished now.  I am going to put on some music and attempt to organize my stuff (my life) again since I don’t have anything else going for me.  Friend?

February 17th, 2011. Ashley, correspondences and such.

I talked to Ashley today when I was at the mall with Erin looking at Macbook’s.  I texted  her afterwords while we were in the Disney store (Erin loves Disney).  I asked her if she received the package I sent her.  She replied, “I didn’t get a message… at least I don’t think I did.” I responded back, “Check the post office; it arrived and is waiting for you.  Call me and I can give you the tracking number.” I waited a few minutes and didn’t hear from her and so I called her.  She answered (I wasn’t sure if she was going to) and we started talking.

She asked me what the package is, and I told her it’s a “surprise” and she said something along the lines of, “You didn’t have to do that for me…” I said, “Well I promised you I would send you something, so I did.” She said that she has a lot of mail that she hasn’t checked yet and that the notice slip is probably in the pile and if it’s not she’ll get a hold of me tonight and let me know.

She asked me what I’ve been up to, and I told her about Korea and the possibility of teaching English.  To wrap things up, I said, “What do you think?”  She said something along the lines of, “I don’t know, I wouldn’t consider it for the long-term.”  She seemed open to the possibility but sounded like she needed more info, or who knows, maybe she is making good money where she’s working now and doesn’t have an interest in exploring other possibilities.  I asked her what she has been up to… she said things have been super hectic.  I said, “So I heard you might be moving to North Carolina?” She said something along the lines of “we’ll see.”  She said she had to go after about 5 minutes.  It was a nice and short conversation.

I have to be honest, I really care for Ashley, and I miss her a lot.  She has my best interest at heart.  I am sincere in my devotions.  I think about her safety, her well-being, her success, her life, her decisions, and choices, etc.  I want to know how she’s doing and be there for her every step of the way.  I have great respect for Ashley as a person; I think she has a lot of potential for success and is a good person.  I want what Ashley has, and I also in many ways want to be her complimentary figure.

I have been in the kitchen making food for the last 10 minutes or so and thinking about how I want to be Ashley’s “go to” man so-to-speak… the person she turns to for consolation.  When she’s sad or just wants to talk about life, I want to be that person.  The connection we have is rare, and I understand that resentment and distrust can put a wedge between us, but there isn’t anything I cannot work on and that we cannot overcome as a pair.  As I’ve said to all of my girlfriends, “I will be your support –your strong tower;” I mean that, and I especially, particularly extend that welcome to Ashley.

If given the chance to “do it all over” again, I would.  I don’t care if that sounds “crazy” or unrealistic, because I believe –fully, in the impossible.  I believe in certain things, and when a connection is sparked, that is something that I don’t let go of… not easily, and when I do, it’s because I know that it’s for the best.  But with Ashley, I know that I have changed, and I am sure that she has changed too, and I want to see where that goes… as friends…

If all we ever are are friends then so be it; I will accept it and be grateful, but I know for a fact that this is a friendship that I want in my life.  Friendships are few far and in-between, and I want something significant, rare, and special.

I texted her just a few minutes ago, now that I am home and am making organic pasta and veggies and eating a healthy meal and said, “I’m making pasta and broccoli right now So good.  Look, I know that I haven’t been someone you’ve wanted to talk to and your favorite person, but I’m here for you and I care about you.  I have a lot of respect for your, Ashley, and I want good people in my life… People with good heart’s, like yourself, and a good head on their shoulders.”  I said, “I’d like you to reach out to me.  I know I wasn’t always the best person when you knew me, but I have changed.”

I ended the text like that, although now that it’s over with, I am wishing that I had said more, as the thought seems (feels) unfinished.  Maybe something like, “I know I wasn’t always the best person when you knew me, but I have changed, and I sincerely mean that,” etc.  Oh well.  She has not responded, nor did she respond to the two single texts I sent her after our conversation saying, “It was good hearing from you, thank you for picking up.”  “I’d like to hear about how you’re doing.” I have always said, in recent weeks, that if Ashley does not reach out to me soon then I am going to completely back off for my own well being.  It hurts me when she does not respond like this, and I have no clue –no indicator showing that she is not interested in talking to me via communication.

Ashley has always been someone to communicate, and so it honestly blows my mind that she has not spoken to me directly her wants/needs –her feelings, rather.  What is she doing, I ask?  I mean, I understand if someone is busy in their life, but at least let someone know that it’s not them and that you care about them.  I feel like I’m hanging with her… emotionally.  I just feel like I don’t know what’s going on, like I’ve been left in the dark.  It’s not even about me being desperate or longing, etc. but about me simply knowing what’s going on in my emotional affairs.

We all grow up and things change, but I am somebody, who in many ways, doesn’t change my very core attributes and basic makeup.  My sincerity and devotion rather.  My character has changed, as in I have grown up and matured, but my heart always stays the same.  The song, “Straight from the heart” by Bryan Adams just came to mind.  I do not lie, and I am very sincere, and I honestly pride myself on that.  I pride myself on being so emotionally revealing, and I look for that in all of my affairs.  I look for someone else with the same sensitivity, authenticity, and expressiveness.

One could argue that I am “hung up” on my ex.  For clarification-sake, Ashley is not my “ex,” and I promised her a long time ago that I would never call her that, and I have not.  I have followed-through with that simple request, which at time time seemed “trivial,” but that I now understand through growth and maturity.  I am caught up on the fact that we were close friends first and we had compatibility… in interests then, and now both values and interests.  Ashley does not know me now because she has not taken the time… she has not seen, ie: witnessed (like Jen has beautiful put it, leaving a thoughtful note on my windshield one day: “We all need a witness to our lives”).

Ashley has not witnessed my life for only but brief moments because she has turned her eyes and back away in many ways… I believe this to be related to resentment.  She is resentful for things that have happened, and have never healed from it (bless her heart) and as a result closed herself off to receiving.  How much longer can one hold onto something before it takes them and another a part?  I mean, I understand that with Erin and I for instance there is a ton of resentment, but she keeps on hurting me!  Erin keeps on lying, etc. but I have 100% completely changed as a person.  It is rare, like 10%, that someone changes… but I did because I realized I had a good thing.

Losing Ashley opened up my eyes… it had a profound effect on me, more than my own father’s death.  Ashley was there for me emotionally and physically.  She was a beautiful woman in my life, someone who cared about me and was sincere, and I was too underdeveloped to appreciate it.  I had unresolved grief.  You better believe that if I could take those moments back I would, and I would treat her via actions like she deserved.  I want nothing more than for Ashley to listen to me these days… by simply witnessing my life and showing a sincere interest in it.

If she’s stressed out then she can turn to me.  I understand that trust was severed, but I am a changed person and yet she has a wall, a wedge, even if invisible, placed between us, and I can feel it.  And I just keep on saying, “I want the person back that I knew…” I will say to myself, “I want my Ashley…” I want the person who saw me and cared for me and gave me that special attention.  She communicated to me how she felt, and she showed me… and I gave her little because I was quite simply young and immature.  I did not have the character that I do now.

Have you ever seen a movie about a man who started out as a boy, maybe even immature, and maybe he even got himself into trouble often in his youth, etc. but who grew up and was a leader?  He developed himself; life, experiences built him, shaping him.  I am shaped… but right now I am like a castle metaphorically-speaking, because I have walls up.  I too, like Ashley, have been hurt… bad.  I have received my fair share.  I am over with it, in my mind.  I want to move on, but I am stuck.  I am stuck so bad, and I just want some help, and I want a friend, someone who is trustworthy, warm, and sincere –who I can trust, to help me out.  What better person could there be than Ashley?

I understand she’s busy with her life, and that (my belief) that resentment is keeping us apart, and soon I will have to distance myself from her (not get or be “over” her, but just put her in the back of my mind) because it’s hurting me waiting for something that may or may not ever come, but in my mind it’s beginning to become an “I’m all alone in this life” mentality, and I don’t want that.  I remember a song that Ashley and I used to listen to, and it was called something like “Us against the world” and the title pretty much speaks for itself… but that “us” –that couple was Ashley and I, and we were a strong tower.  I don’t want to be on my own in that kind of way… not anymore, not now, now somehow.  I am tired of being alone emotionally… I have been alone for far too long.

The last time that I was emotionally engaged and connected was in 2006, and that was with Jen, and that wasn’t the healthiest relationship.  It has been that long (no exaggeration) since I have connected with someone.  I am not sure if it’s just because I am introverted and only connect with certain folks or because not a lot of folks have highly developed values, and moreover, live out those values, or because I have been isolated and in highly destructive relationships, but the point is, I’ve been “cold,” ie: on the outside for far too long.  I am hurting.

I need an ounce… a piece of bread… anything to help feed me, or rather match me (pair) emotionally.  I need to “dethaw” so-to-speak, for my shoulders to come down… to not always feel the need to carry this burden… this false, overdeveloped-sense of responsibility.  I need someone I can just jive with… go out with… connect with… have fun…. Humor.  I miss kayaking… camping… going to poetry… seeing open mic… concerts… plays… it’s been years, and I am in no way, shape, or form exaggerating.  I just need a freaking friend –excuse my language.

The problem that I keep running into is that not everyone is sincere and not everyone has highly developed values, and most of all, not everyone “walks the —their talk.”  I’m trying to “walk my talk;” I honestly need a boost.  Again, I need a friend, someone emotionally centered/based but who’s stable, warm and supportive… and positive.  –Who I can laugh with, tell jokes with, be crazy with, outlandish, etc.  I have not been able to be “myself” in God knows how long… years –no exaggeration.  “I’m dying each and every second that you’re gone.” -?  This song just came to mind…

“Best I ever had” by State of Shock

Now I know I messed up bad
You were the best I ever had
I let you down in the worst way
It hurts me every single day
I’m dying to let you know

Now I’m here to say I’m sorry
And ask for a second chance
Cause when it all comes down to the end
I could sure use a friend

So many things I would take back
You were the best I ever had
I don’t blame you for hating me
I didn’t mean to make you leave

You and I were living like a love song
I feel so bad, I feel so bad that you’re gone
Now I know you’re the only one that I want
I want you back, I want you

Now I’m here to say I’m sorry
And ask for a second chance
Cause when it all comes down to the end
I could sure use a friend
Now I’m here to say I’m sorry
And ask for a second chance
All I want to do is make it up to you
Cause when it all comes down to the end
You were the best I ever had

We fell in love for a reason
Now you’re leaving
And I just want you back
So many things we believed in
Now you’re leaving and words won’t bring you back
I’ll never let go of the heart I broke

You and I were living like a love song
Now I know you’re the only one that I want
I want you back, I want you

Now I’m here to say I’m sorry
And ask for a second chance
All I want to do is make it up to you
Cause when it all comes down to the end
I could sure use a friend
Now I’m here to say I’m sorry
And ask for a second chance
All I want to do is make it up to you
Cause when it all comes down to the end
You were the best I ever had

I can’t believe that I threw away all our dreams
I can’t believe now that you’re gone how much you mean to me
I feel so bad, I feel so bad
You were the best I ever had
I can’t believe that I threw away all our dreams
I can’t believe now that you’re gone how much you mean to me
I feel so bad, I feel so bad
You were,
You were the best I ever had

The other day the part of the song that says, “You and I were living like a love song
I feel so bad, I feel so bad that you’re gone…” was running through my head nonstop out of nowhere.  I have dreams of this woman… I have woken up screaming her name before.  Before you call it “crazy” and/or judge and label it, lets just look at it simply… as grief maybe… as someone (myself) who lost a friend, someone that really mattered to them and their body –their mind, body, and soul is longing to be with this person…

I am listening to the song now because I wanted a refresher, and it’s making me sad… and I am really serious about stepping back.  It will hurt me more than anything, but it can’t be worse than not being responded to… basically ignored.  I know that she’s a busy person and has a lot “going on,” but I need some responsiveness… some genuine communication.  In the meantime, I will continue building my character and growing, learning, and developing.

My goal is to be a life coach/trainer/educator/facilitator/writer/author/motivational speaker, and teacher.  I will get there, and I am fully on my way.  I am capable.  I am strong.  I am honest, and I am true. I have integrity.

February 12th, 2011. 2 Barriers: Now 1. The “Emotional.” Grief block.

I am livid right now.  I am sick and tired of Erin’s bulshit.  We got into a huge fight today because she would not send me her work schedule.  Now, before you sit here and think, “She is her own person and doesn’t have to send you her schedule,” or “She’s entitled to her privacy,” or “She’s not obligated to send you her schedule,” understand that Erin has betrayed my trust multiple times –flat out lied to me, and here is where it comes into play — listen closelyErin agreed to be honest with me about some things and she also agreed to share her schedule with me since she has lied multiple times about the hours in which she’s worked.  Granted, I had to pull a tooth and a nail for her to agree to this –to simply be honest, which I am greatly resentful for because I do not believe that it is, or should be, my responsibility to hold her accountable.

If someone is dishonest they should agree to be honest and follow-through with that agreement; if they choose to not follow-through, they are a coward.  Repeatedly, and quite honestly, I should not stay (this is where my problem comes into play, and that’s a whole other issue).  I am not saying this judgmentally, but quite simply, literally.  Look it up.

She has lied to me and has posed no solution to correct the behavior.  I have had to come up with solutions because she refuses to take responsibility for her actions.  So story goes like this… I come up with solutions; she agrees to follow them, and then bails.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and of holding her accountable because she refuses to take responsibility for her behavior.  I have, since I have known Erin, always said to her, “I wish someone would hold you on the ‘wall,'” and what I mean by this metaphor is that I wish someone would hold her accountable for her actions because she refuses.  After all, Erin (quote) “Does what I want when I want” -Erin S.  Her selfish behavior prevails and blows my mind.

The reason I have stayed, and I have said this before and will say it again is because I am living here with her and am trying to make the most out of this situation.  I am living here for two reasons:  1, financial, and 2, emotional (illusion).  Financially we have agreed to just be roommates, and 2.  There are still “hopes” (on my part; likely on hers, as well — in some realm) that things will work out.  I strongly detest interpersonal conflict and wish to have it resolved right away, so I am trying to make the situation right.  I cannot seem to accept the fact that things cannot and won’t change.  I seem to think “There’s always a way.” Well, the truth is, there may not always be a way, because there’s a time and place, but in my mind, there is, and I cannot seem to wrap my head around it or understand it any other way.

The result:  I keep on trying, similar to the card “2 of swords” in the tarot, which namely represents denial.  I am in strong denial here, and I sort of feel like I have to be (8 of swords) because I do not feel like I can afford to live anywhere else (except for Korea) and because my emotions are so incredibly involved and the thought of separating from Erin physically devastates me.  To say the least, I am involved in a highly codependent relationship and situation.  I am extremely bothered and know that I have options but am lacking the courage to act on them.  Between fearing that I cannot financially support myself and being extremely attached to Erin, I stay put.  I keep saying that if “X, Y, and Z” happen then I will leave…

The assumption is that “X, Y, and Z,” ie: another person, the lottery, inheritance, etc. would happen to me then these things would give me the strength to leave.  To  be honest, however, I am not sure that even an inheritance would help me to walk away from this situation because the emotions would still be attached.  So then there’s the “You could date someone else” response which my counselor actually suggested.  I keep on telling her that I do not feel like this is a viable option because I do not believe that it would be healthy.  I basically need to be (emotionally and physically) on my own.  Emotionally detached from Erin but obviously maintain (first form lol) friends and support, ie: coworkers, etc.

But my counselor keeps suggesting the idea of dating someone new.  At any rate, I do not think this would be a good idea.  Needless to say, the result ends up being that I stay locked in one place.  I bitch and complain to “Bobby,” “Rob,” and “Dorthy” (examples) and yet I stay stationary.  I sit here, and I honestly ask myself, “What is it going to take for me to move?” I have this amazing Korea opportunity which everyone seems to favor (not that their opinion truly matters in this situation because I am naturally actually starting to trust and use my own logic to think things through) but I am too scared to leave because of the emotions involved with Erin… so financial independence as an option aside, the problem now becomes the emotional ties.

It has not helped that Erin and I have been really close lately physically… remember, as long as I live here, or we live together, the “peace” will attempt to be created thus causing enmeshment, fighting, wishful thinking, etc. because in my mind that is the only option for living together; I need “peace.”  Erin and I have been spending a lot of time together the past few days and have been getting along exceptionally well.  At any rate, she tried to kiss me last night, and I actually went through with it.  Granted, it was just a little peck (no tongue) but I did not use my head like I normally would.  I think what ends up happening is that things will be really bad between us and then when things are good, I give in.  It would seem that the worse things are, that when she “throws me a biscuit” so-to-speak, I dive right in.

It’s this weird “cycle” that I can’t describe.  All I know is that it never changes, and I feel like a tire spinning in the mud.  I am clearly stuck like the song “Sick cycle carousel:” I posted on my blog about a year ago back in May or July.  So the solution is courage… and that is what I seem to lack.  Korea is always an opportunity… they hire year-around; however, I want to leave in March or April because that seems like a good “time” for me (I love the spring, and it’s a time of new beginnings and starts) but the emotions (attachment issues) with Erin are keeping me from acting.  I am somewhat happy that one part –the financial, is already taken care of, because now I just need to work on the emotional so that I can free myself of this mess.  The problem is I don’t know how I’m going to free myself of the emotional baggage except through someone else which is what my counselor has been suggesting.

I told Nadine that I do not think this is the “right” thing to do and she seems to disagree.  She keeps giving me the impression that if I find someone else with whom I am compatible, emphasizing the compatibility issue and further reinforcing the fact that Erin and I are not “compatible” –that has the qualities that I am looking for, ie: honesty, respect, communication, accountability, and commitment then it will be right.  “But…” I ask as well as say to myself… “…”  “What will I do about the grief with Erin?” Dating someone else is not just going to make it go away!  I want to say, “Don’t we have to alone with the grief?” ie, single and outside of a romantic relationship.  One could argue “yes;” another could argue “no.”  I mean, I guess we all have baggage that we carry around and we always will have baggage so/but I imagine we can’t just stay alone (single) forever, right?  …until we’re finally over each and every person and each and every incident in our lives?  See, this is where I am torn.

So yeah… if it’s presumed that the financial will be taken care of, ie: Korea, and the emotional is the only problem, how can I resolve and tackle this issue?  Another rebuttal counselor Nadine brought up when I indicated disapproval to the dating someone else idea was just spending a lot of time away from Erin, ie: in my bedroom, etc.  Honestly, that’s nice in theory, but I am not sure how feasible it is.  Whenever Erin and I are around each other in the house, I want to spend time with her, and yet whenever we are apart I am constantly worrying (for legit purposes) that she is out pursuing someone else, and it does not matter if we are not technically “together” or not because of the unresolved hurt which keeps me engaged in the cycle.  There is so much pain, attachment, and grief that it’s nearly impossible to move forward… I honestly think I am going to try and read more “grief” articles and articles on separation and divorce because this is what it feels like for me.  Apparently I do have serious attachment issues.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of wasting my life and potential being stuck in relationships that are unfulfilling and not what I want, ie: in line with my values (honesty, respect, communication, accountability, and commitment, and shared interests) yet I am not necessarily too “afraid” to physically leave here per se, especially now that I have an opportunity to go to Korea, but rather, have zero clue about how to get past the emotional piece… the grief.  I honestly feel like my emotions are/have gotten the “best” so-to-speak of me, and this is honestly where and why I wish that Ashley was in my life right now as a best friend… honestly, any beautiful woman who’s intelligent and encouraging because I think it would inspire me.  I just need someone who I see these beautiful traits (honesty, respect, communication, accountability, and commitment) in so that I can know it’s “out” there and then begin to move forward.

Am I going about this backwards?  I can’t think of any other solutions… it is pretty laid out… I am fortune enough to have this opportunity in Korea where the financial piece is taken care of, but the emotional is proving challenging.  It would seem the solutions are pretty simply laid out:  1.  Spend time away from Erin physically or 2.  Date someone else.  1 is extremely hard for me and 2 would seem and feel wrong.  I often feel like Erin starts fights or gets upset with me to have “reason” to emotionally and physically be away from me.  She literally will get to close to me and things will be going “well” –whatever that means, and then the next thing I know, she’s pushing away, furthermore engaging in this push/pull cycle.

I hate that Erin is not honest.  I hate that she makes false, empty promises that she cannot keep.  I hate that I am in this situation because I, in many ways, do not feel that I have another choice.  I obviously have objective 1 taken care of, ie: the financial, yet objective 2 I cannot seem to get past.  There is always a barrier it seems.  I need help.  If I can’t seem to stay away from Erin when we’re physically around each other then what else am I supposed to do?  …latch onto someone else as my counselor had suggested only worded and intended more maturely?  My counselor actually conveyed the message that it would be a good and healthy action/experience because the person would have the qualities that I am looking for, but how can I even begin to attract this if I am not more independent?

I understand that is a fear of mine, ie: “If I am not independent I will not attract anyone,” but it is a legit one… How can I possibly attract a beautiful young woman if I am in a dependent spot?  And what am I supposed to say to her when she asks, or it comes up in conversation, “Where are you living, Emily?” Imagined response:  “Oh, with my ex girlfriend and her father…” Do you know how unattractive that is?  See, what people don’t understand is that I am actually very independent; I am naturally a very independent and strong-willed person, but I am just in a bad (less than favorable, rather) situation right now, and I am afraidI don’t know how to overcome my grief (The problem!).  I don’t know how to stay away from Erin physically first off when we’re in the same house, which seems pretty damn basic, and I don’t know how to grieve, especially when there’s a constant threat of her “acting out,” ie: dating someone else, hooking up with someone, signing up for a dating site, etc. and me feeling/experiencing the rejection (she has acted insensitively for all but 4 months of our 3 year “relationship” now) all over again.

So I feel trapped although I know I am not.  At any rate, it would be fair to say that I am trapped in my feelings, or more accurately, grief.  I am frozen with indecision and inhibition.  I am paralyzed.  I am angry, resentful, in denial, etc. –just wanting things to be okay, and the the truth is, they’re not.  I just don’t feel like any woman is going to be attracted to me given my current situation.  I mean, I cannot imagine a healthy woman dating a man who is still living at home, and especially not a man who’s living with his ex, and so why on earth would anyone see or treat my situation any differently?  I will tell you right now however, that if I did date/find a woman, I would be loyal 100% to her.  I do not have a problem with loyalty.  When someone has swept me away and captured my attention, I am theirs 100%.  I will not play games with someone who treats me right.

I often say, “If Ashley ever took me back, I would be back with her in a heart beat and she would never have to worry about the things she did before,” ie: me leaving her because I had not grieved my ex.  Granted, I was 19, but that experience nevertheless changed my life.  Honest-to-God, if Ashley ever came back to me and asked me to be with her again, I would be with her in a heartbeat, and I would be 100% faithful to her.  Faithfulness has never been an issue with me.  My problem was that I left Ashley when I was 19 to go back to my ex with whom I had unresolved grief.  Ashley and I ended up rebounding with one another.  We were both in rocky situations, where in my case, my partner was cheating on me with my ex-best friend! –and Ashley’s partner too busy smoking weed all day to give her the attention she deserved, and Ashley and I turned to each other as friends for solace, and ended up dating about a month later.

At any rate, we both became involved too quickly, and I had not grieved my ex, Sarah.  Sarah could not stand the fact that I was with Ashley and she tried everything in her power to get me back.  I had not grieved Sarah, nor was I very mature at 19, and so I naively and regretfully took her back only to be cheated on again by her with the same woman a month later and then several others, both men and women, in the course of the remaining 2.5 years that I would ‘choose’ to stay with her!  During this time, I put up with things that I never should have allowed myself to put up with.  Although there is no excuse for this, in retrospect, I think I subconsciously allowed this because Sarah constantly guilted me about leaving her for Ashley, but she was cheating on me so anyone would have wanted to get away from that!  But the right thing probably would have been to be alone, and honestly, that was my –and Ashley’s intention, but it ended up turning into a relationship.

Sarah was very selfish.  I also stayed with her, because similar to the situation with Erin, I wanted things to be better between Sarah and I.  I had felt rejected for being cheated on, and I took it personally.  The same exact thing has happened with Erin.  Instead of taking these women’s behavior personally I should have been able to step back and see it as their problem and completely unacceptable, but I didn’t –I let my emotions get the best of me.

So here I am… 7 years later, and I have an opportunity to do things “differently.”  Do I?  Have I?  No.  Why?  Up until 1.5 years ago, literally, I did not know what I wanted in a relationship… I had no clue what a healthy relationship consisted of.  Now, after having dated Erin and having had the negative experiences I’ve had, I know what I want.  Additionally, I think I have attachment issues.  I have a hard time letting go of an unhealthy, unfulfilling relationship… I think this is because it sort of mocks the relationship I had with my mother and the “messages” that I learned from her growing up.  I learned from my her that I was not worthy of deserving to be loved.  My mother was not emotionally available to me and would often say and do very hurtful things to me like call me a “bitch,” hit me with the remote control, throw it at me, pull my hair with the hair brush, slap me, stand me up, etc., and so this was the behavior that I learned and along with that came subconscious messages, which I carried with me into adulthood and into all my relationships.

I can recognize this on an intellectual level, and I am just beginning to recogize it on an intellectual level, but changing the behaviors and messages is an entirely different story and requires work.  I need someone to help me with that work; the problem is I don’t trust anyone to help me because the very people I have trusted most –into my inner sanctum–, ie: Syndee E. have hurt me beyond measure.  Syndee, my former “therapist” was a sociopath, ie: antisocial personality disorder.  If you are unfamiliar with a sociopath I would suggest doing a little research on it.  At any rate, she sucked me dry for over $5,000 out-of-pocket in therapy and left me with more than a scar.  I ended up regressing at the end of our 3 year rendezvous.  The case went legal.

So yeah… when trust, something so very basic, has been shattered, I am honestly not sure how, and if, and when, it will, or can be regained/re-established.  I am really going to need words and actions to match up and for “actions to speak louder than words” when it comes to folks in order for me to ever trust again.  And people honestly wonder why I hang onto Ashley and Ashley’s and I’s “relationship” and that’s because she was the only person who ever followed-through on her words.  She was very big on fulfilling and living up to her potential.  I could always count on and rely on Ashley, and I highly respected her.  She was warm, sympathetic, supportive, and always there –firm and steady.  I need that in my life, and want to attract people like that.

Yet another cold and [baffling] reality “hits” me as I write tonight and that’s that Ashley is not here… ie, in my life.  The last I heard from her was on New Years Eve when she stated to me: “Don’t text me” after I had texted her expressing my feelings about how lonely I was and upset that Erin and then my friend dumped me off, when just a week prior to that she sent me a Christmas text saying something along the lines of “Merry Christmas,” which I found out through her ex with whom I was the matchmaker for 7 years ago that she sent that to “everyone.”  At any rate, a few months prior to that text I heard from her via phone because she called me and told me all about this guy who she was obsessed with and who she could not get over the fact that he reminded her so much of me.  It went something like “Emily, omg, he reminds me so much of you…”  “Oh my-God Emily, he reminds me ‘so much’ of you.” I was not sure what to think of this when I heard this, as I had mixed feelings, but my final conclusion was “She still has feelings for me, ie: unresolved grief because there’s transference going on, etc.”

Additionally, the last time I saw Ashley (Summer of 2007) it was apparent that she and I still had feelings for each other.  At any rate, I heard from her then, then again at Christmas, and when I decided to text her on New Years Eve, she responded to me with a suprisingly shocking rude text message.  I did not text her for months afterwords and then I just recently –yesterday in fact, sent her a Valentine card and cd with new music on it.  I told myself and Erin (because I am trying to set an example for Erin) “This will be the last time I reach out to her.” I am serious about this because I am sick and tired of the relationship with Ashley being one-sided now.  Ashley, for the last 4 years or so, has been very about herself — “me me me,” and I have just sort of went with it because I felt like I guess I deserved to just listen to her go on about herself because I was “lucky” (I would tell myself) to be having her contact me after what I did to her 7 years ago, ie: leave her for my ex.

So in my mind I was thinking, “Wow, it’s nice to actually hear from her.”  The truth is, however, we were never able to establish a reciprocal relationship because she was so busy always talking about herself and would never reach out to me or make time for me, ie: my feelings, sharings, experiences, etc.  So I would just listen to her for hours with a sympathetic ear feeling grateful and delighted for her to be contacting me.  I must admit, however, that it did hurt me that she would hog the conversation so-to-speak, and honestly, I really would have liked to have developed a friendship, 2-sided with her.  I expressed this to her clearly many times.  I guess there is only so much you can do before you just have to realize that someone is not going to change.  I always think, “Maybe Ashley will come around some day,” and who knows– maybe she will, or maybe she won’t.  All I know is that I hold onto the image of Ashley and I and what we had, because it may be 7 years ago, however, that “relationship” sadly, whatever it was, was the only not “good” per se, thing that I had, but it was a relationship in which someone else was respectful towards me and we shared similar values and interests.

To say the least, the compatibility was strong and now I look for that (Ashley, and Ashley and I’s relationship served as an example) in other relationships.  So here I am… and this is all about the relationship with myself and what choices I have… and now I just need to somehow get over this insurmountable barrier with my emotions in regards to this situation with Erin so I can move on…  I am somehow going to need to get space (physical) from her and learn to grieve without driving myself crazy with all the worry and “what-if’s,” ie:  “What if ‘x;’ what if ‘y'” to where I cannot get the peace or clarity/room to be myself.  I “am haunted by the hero that I could not be” just popped into my head… a lyric from the song “Rescue me” by Digital Summer, which keeps replaying in my head and in my dreams.

Speaking of “Rescuing me” songs… I have been having many dreams, left and right, about rescuing others, etc. and I honestly think that they are about myself… and with me needing to rescue myself.  The two songs that come to mind when I think about this are “Rescue me” by Digital Summer and “Far away” by Nickelback.  Both of these songs I can sing to my inner child.

Since I have already posted “Rescue me” twice in this blog, recently, I am going to post “Far away” one more time to reflect what I’m referring to.