February 23rd, 2011. Rant and quick vent.

I do not like being told what to do.  I hate it.  I think it’s rude and childish.  So I was sitting at the kitchen table with my small mini (literally) laptop and Barb (Rick’s girlfriend) had just come over and asked me to remove my laptop.  It looked like they (Rick & Barb) were just wanting to make some room on the table for dinner, and so I just scooted my stuff together and she said something along the lines of “There won’t be any computers at the table; that’s not how we do it.” Rick then said something similar to back her up.  I just looked at her annoyed like, “Who are you to call the ‘rules?”  I was thinking, I am a grown adult and can make my own choices.

I had already eaten dinner (I had eaten because I was really hungry and could not wait, and secondly — most importantly, because Rick has been sick, and I did not want to get sick) and I wanted to sit there with them but not if I wasn’t going to be eating.  I wanted to be social and not social at the same time, which is fine.  I think this whole, “No laptops at the dinner table” is stupid.  Ask yourself, “why?” If you even say, “Because it’s ‘normal’ or because it’s not ‘appropriate;'” I don’t even want to hear it… people can and should be able to do what they want and everyone has their own reasons for things.  I could have just not been social at all, but I was trying to be and that should be respected.

At any rate, I just wanted (needed) to vent.  I hate being treated like a child.  I am independent and fiercely independent-minded and can make my own decisions.  I highly dislike being bossed around and not having my space respected.  When people say, “Because I ‘said’ so” I want to go tell them to “go fuck themselves” as Erin so bluntly puts it.  That is such a cop-out and ignorant response.

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