March 21st, 2011. My birthday “list.” Acknowledgments.

My birthday is technically tonight at 11:47PM.  I wasn’t going to post this, but I need to vent and air out my frustrations.  I am upset because some of the people with whom I was hoping and would have expected to hear from on my birthday did not contact me –some of them being:

-My own mother
-Max, my father
-Erin’s family
-Nadine, my “spiritual” counselor/coach

etc.  Birthdays are  important and the celebration –or lack thereof, says a lot.  I think that acknowledging birthdays acknowledges the dignity of each person.  It’s acknowledging that the person was born that day and came into existence that day and is celebrating life.  I am proud of when someone has a birthday, and I think it’s a blessing, and I believe it’s something that should be celebrated.

To make a long story short, I think it says a lot when someone doesn’t acknowledge your birthday.  I realize that some people are really busy and that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to acknowledge the birthday, but some key people and people that have been in your life for a very long time should acknowledge it, otherwise it’s just disrespectful.

Sarah – No acknowledgment.
Ashley-  No acknowledgment.
Jen-  No “real” acknowledgment.  She called me at “1:07” A.M., probably drunk and didn’t  have the decency to leave me a message.  I texted her back the next day and said, “Hi Jen, I saw you called” only to not receive a response.  Jen was the first person to acknowledge my birthday only she didn’t actually acknowledgment it, but rather skipped out as usual.    (By the way, I randomly woke up from a dead sleep when she called.  Ironically my phone was entirely silenced because I wanted to get a good night’s rest, and I still awoke…  I literally woke up out of nowhere, saw the time on my phone (1:07AM), and my phone was going off silently from Jen.  I didn’t answer it because it was really late, and I didn’t want to wake Erin up.  I also figured Jen was calling me drunk, as she’s off/on in my life and repeatedly cuts me off.
Katey-  No acknowledgment.
Annie-  No acknowledgment.
Jackie-  No acknowledgment.
Erin-  No acknowledgment.  Her text message to me this morning was: “I haven’t got anything for you for your birthday because thinking of your birthday hasn’t been top on my priority list.” Note:  She has blown off every single birthday of mine thus far, as well as every single occasion (anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc).

The people who have acknowledged my birthday are as follows:

-Etyms (facebook)
-Porky (facebook)
-Naterz (phone call)
-Janet Chun (facebook)
-Vanessa Cazeau (INFJ online friend, Facebook)
-Dharman Rice (former teacher, facebook)
-Eric Cox (my brother, facebook email)
-Theodore Simpson IV (Facebook)
-Nikkoly Stanley (lyme patient, facebook)
-James Kennedy (facebook)
-Jessee Lee Hughes (lyme patient, facebook)
-Brian Lynam (facebook)
-KC Khoury (facebook)
-Ilana Cor. (facebook)
-Marlynn S. (facebook)
-Sharod S. (facebook)
-Marissa F. (facebook)
-John Kotlowski (facebook)
-Jess Young (facebook)
-Kathleen B. (facebook)
-Crystal S. (facebook)
-Stacy Coon C. (facebook)
-Jessica G. (facebook)
-Sister (personal email)
-Nina L. Ball (facebook)

I also honestly wonder what would have happened had I not posted on my facebook a couple days ago, “My birthday is in two days” whether people would have otherwise messaged, called, or emailed me.  Believe it or not, I have only received one phone call besides Jen’s (my ex girlfriend) call which a message was never left, and that’s from my high-school buddy Nate.  I am shocked that I have not heard from my own mother, sister, father, and Ashley — even Erin.  I am shocked at Erin’s message.

I was debating whether or not to post this message because I would like to keep my posts positive, optimistic, and happy, but I needed to vent.  I may delete or edit this message later.  At any rate, I am surprisingly disappointed so far at how my birthday has gone.

I am however delighted to say that my MMS – Magical Mineral Solution has arrived, and hope that it may be the best “gift” that I ever receive- an all natural gift to cure my chronic lyme.  I am hoping that it gives me back my life!  …that God enables this to happen.  If such is the case, I can guarantee you that I will give my testimony to everyone and their brother and that I will be sharing to the world my experience.  I truly believe that if God/Nature created us our bodies can heal from what nature supplies.

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