March 22nd, 2011. New bicycle on its way!

I am excited.  This person that I spoke with last year who had a bicycle for sale still has it :)  I don’t think he really put himself out there and tried to sell it.  At any rate, this is what it looks like:

These are actual photos of it… I am really excited to pick it up.  I still want a “men’s” style just like this, but for now, this will do, and I can always trade it later or use it for parts.  I am getting a really excellent deal on it.  He is selling it to me for $40!  …granted, it’s 2 hours away, but it’s worth the drive :)  Erin’s mom is letting us use her car to purchase bicycles for ourselves :)  All we have to pay for is gas :P

So I am pretty exhausted right now… I have had an eventful day.  I went to the post office today to mail 6 books that I sold and then I came home and worked on my room.  I still have a ways to go on it.  I am trying to get it to the best of my “liking,” and it is definitely a process!  The MMS has not had any side-effects today like it did yesterday… the only thing that I notice is that my mouth is really dry, but that’s not out of the usual.

I must admit that I am sort of getting tired of tasting the MMS, but it’s not horrendous.  It’s just like eating lemon all the time… eventually it gets old :(  The smell of the MMS is probably the worst, as it literally smells like Clorox bleach; it’s pretty gross.  At any rate, I am only on my “2nd” day so I better get used to this… :(  I have to continue taking, or trying, rather, the MMS until I “feel better.”

I have asked Erin to buy me Jim Humble’s book on MMS since she wasn’t going to do or buy anything for me for my birthday… Jim Humble is the founder of MMS.  I think it will be good to read his book, especially if the stuff actually works.  If the stuff works everyone and their brother will know about it because I will be blabbing it for the whole world to hear.

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