One comment on “March 28th, 2011. Motivational speaker/trainer Les Brown.

  1. Judith Wolf says:

    I saw you at the CARH Meeting as the most insperational person that I have ever seen.
    Mr. Brown I have Multiple Sclerosis and would like to be a motivational speaker for people who need to know about M.S. that know nothing about it, for those of us that have it, it also always amazes me how many people do not know anthing about it. It is a disease that is so overwhelming here in the Pacific Northwest and grows everyday.
    I have written a speach and would very much like to speak first at the capitals of the states and then schools, employers of major corporations and especially students. These places need to know how much it effects the people at their places. (Schools) as a student I would study up until the night before a test and the night before my Mom would go over the information with me. I knew all the answers, go to take the test and fail it could not remember a thing. Work places are just as bad a boss would tell you something one day and the next day (can’t remember). Things need to be done, it would be ok to have notes during tests, be able to take the time to think before answering without being made to feel that they think you are not smart.
    When you told me that you were the DT that made me your next speaker, PLEASE HELP ME!

    Thank You,
    407 SW 20th Ave. # 108
    Battle Ground, WA.98604

    P.S. I have no working speaker on my Computer so yes get back to me via E-Mail.

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