April 8th, 2011. Long day, poor weather.

I am feeling extremely under the weather today and for the last several days.  For the last several days it’s been raining here and cloudy… it’s extremely overcast and depressing.  I am feeling uninspired and am just wanting to stay inside although I’ve forced myself to go out.

I am frustrated at the rate which things are progressing in my life.  I want things to speed up, which I assume is halfway related to me being an Aries — impatience.  At any rate, things could not go any slower!  I went out today and spoke with some business owners and asked them to put my flyer up in exchange for a free coaching session… I am hope that it makes a difference — even one person could be a good start for me in terms of building my coaching business.

Right now I have 3 clients, but clients come and go — it’s a matter of fact, just like life.  Things, in general, come and go — people, opportunities, etc.  Doors open, doors close.  I am wanting and know that I am capable of building a successful life/motivational coaching practice with continued effort.  I will continue to try, but there are days — times, like now for instance, where I am just tired and frustrated.  The weather does not help.

Building a business is like getting a plane off the ground.  Launching it takes time.  I definitely have the persistence, but I need some help.  I am currently having a battle with technology.  I think I am going to go and lay down for a bit, as I’ve had a pretty long day.  I think I am going to put on some meditation music and do some breathing exercises.  Did you know that meditation nourishes productivity?  :)

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