April 20th, 2011. MMS – “Magical Mineral Solution” DAY 30 PARTS 1 & 2- Healing FIBROMYALGIA/ LYME DISEASE.

Why I mentioned it being communist Adolf Hitler’s birthday in the first video I have no clue, but in retrospect, it sounds silly, and unfortunately I cannot edit these videos because I do not have video-editing software!  …not to mention youtube tends to cut all my videos off.  Bare with me folks!

Over all I am doing well — zero symptoms yet still!  This is probably the longest stretch I have gone symptom-free!  I am still taking 2 drops of MMS a day.  I need to be careful and continue to be consistent though because I have been out doing a lot of things and it’s been difficult getting the doses on time.  At any rate, I am trying my best and actually bought some pomegranate juice that doesn’t have added vitamin C (this is a big no no for MMS, as it inactivates it) to mix in with the 2 drops.  I started doing this because I was sick with a viral cold that my roommate had given me and my throat was sore and the MMS was making it raw, etc.

I am still getting better from the cold and sore throat I’ve had the last 3 days or so.  I will soon start taking the MMS with water again.  I must admit I am getting concerned however in that my teeth are starting to become stained from the dark yellow MMS!  I may have to bleach my teeth again, and I am fearful that it has permanently stained them!  I guess I will find out.  At any rate, I am thinking I might try drinking out of a straw or adding less water to the first shot so that it doesn’t get around in my mouth so much.

I am meeting with a potential new client today.  The client seems somewhat ADHD, and so I am concerned that he might not be fully dependable.  We will have to see if we’re a good match.  He’s in his middle to late 20’s.

I’ll keep you posted and do another video when I get the chance!  I still have yet another round of blood work to do and I have a CT Scan this Friday in the a.m.  The rhemo wants to rule out any possible tumors or growths in my neck/upper body region.

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