April 24th, 2011. Bicycle en transition :)

My observations:

Frame colors:

Blue, Red, and Green are of interest to me.


-Black seats are ugly
-Brown (leather) seats are ugly.  I have heard they are rather comfortable after being broken in, but they are ugly, and not only that, they are high-theft, especially the “Brooks” brand, which sell for between $100-200.00 per seat!
-I like the thinner seats better, ie: the racing-style seats (as of right now this is purely aesthetic.  If these kind of seats end up being uncomfortable, I will try and find a happy median- ie, between fat, regular-style and thin, racer-style).
-White seats are the prettiest, ie: most aesthetic.  I am going to choose a white racer-style seat, and/or white/blue contrast seat, or white/red, white/green depending on the bicycle’s body color.  I can think of only one disadvantage:  dirt!  A white seat will likely get dirty pretty fast.  Thought:  Perhaps there’s a protector solution it?

My choice:  White, thin racer-style.  Note:  This can and will likely change over time as I ‘experiment’ with different bicycle parts.


-Men’s bikes look weird with gears.  Conclusion:  I do not want gears on my men’s bike; on one of the ladies it’s fine and adds depth.  Note:  The ladies bikes actually look strange, ie: too bare, ugly, etc. without gears!  They, for all I am concerned need gears!
-Consideration:  I am considering having one men’s bike and a matching ladies


-The regular Schwinn tires are o.k., but they do not bring out the bike in any way.  I want my bike to stand out.  The tires are really noticeable; even colored bar tape does not offset the tires and make the bike stand out.  Tire selection is essential for making the bike stand out.  Note:  Some people might enjoy the “original” Schwinn tires, as I do, however, in this case, I will choose “style” over substance.  I wish Schwinn had made white-wall tires…
-White (Note:  Note “white wall,” ie: black/white, but pure white) tires seem to give the bike a very clean, proficient and efficient look.  They make the bike stand out and shine.  I have seen pictures of pure white tires on both solid blue Varsity’s and solid red — they look excellent and crisp on both.  NOTE:  In order to make this happen, white rims must be purchased!  — White rims plus tires.


I am torn between the Aries (my sign) ram-like handlebars and the bull “pursuit” handlebars.

The worst theme:  Blue bike with black seat, regular Schwinn tires, and black bar tape.  Yuck.  Boring and just lifeless.
Also a non-aesthetically pleasing theme might be a blue frame with blue (or teal) bar-tape.  Alternatively, a green frame with green bar tape — too much of one thing is never a good thing.  Advice:  Never match your bar tape with the bicycle’s body color.  Use/have a contrast.  I personally like white, which brightens and cleans things up.  The only con (similar to the seat):  Dirt!  Advice:  Keep your bike clean, but note:  White might cost you more in the end because it will constantly need maintained to keep its beauty :)
Blue and white is properly the most popular theme for a bike.  There are also more Blue Schwinn Varsity’s than any other color.  Blue is the most chosen color in America as a person’s “favorite” color (random trivia).
Note:  A blue Schwinn would look excellent with both white-wall (white/black theme) tires and a pure white-theme, ie: white tires, rims, etc.
-Most of the pictures that I have seen with fixed up Schwinn Varsity’s have removed the jumbo large original crank and shaft and replaced it with what looks to be a free-wheel?  The shaft is much smaller and much easier to clean!
My choice:  I am definitely going to remove the original large, bulky crank and put a high-quality simple “free wheel” crank on it.
My concern:  I do not want my bicycle to lose its depth.  I am a simple yet complex person, and I want the bike to reflect me and my style/nature.  I am wondering how to keep it simple yet deep at the same time, as lots of these bikes are very simple, but lacking in depth?  I thought about keeping the gears on the bike to retain its “depth,” but it just looks silly that way… Obviously a blue frame (vs. red or green) would provide more of a “depth” feel, but I have not ruled out red, or green.  I am leaning more towards blue however because not only do the white-wall and white tires go with it, but it’s also my favorite color and adds depth.  However, I do like the fire (passion/enthusiasm) red frames elicit!  Additionally, they are rare for some reason on a Varsity… Question for self:  Do I want a “cool” feel or hot, intense?  lol
Frame choice so far:  Blue, red, then green.
Tire choice:  white rim/white tires, white walls, (original – no, black – absolutely not.  Note:  Black have a very masculine and boring feel).
I want a simple, yet deep bike.  It needs to be efficient and high-quality.  Ideal:  Medium-Lightweight.  Note:  Varsity’s are heavy.
Desire:  I want to be able to pack my bike right up… have it be light enough to where when I borrow a car to go to the shore for instance, I can just throw it in the car — quickly take the front wheel off and put in the car, or alternatively, put it on a bike rack that fixes onto the car and the bike will be clean and efficient.  ie, the less gears and “stuff” the easier it will be to clean, ie: the grease, etc. off and to transport it.

Here’s a collage I put together of where I’m headed with the design of my bicycle…

To be uploaded.

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