April 24th, 2011. MMS/Life Update.

I have still been taking MMS 2 drops per day per hour now since April 11th.  The last few days I have been having joint-pain in my hand/fingers.  I was symptom-free for 10 days.  Granted, the past 3 days I have been thrown completely off schedule and have been eating unhealthy.  I plan to get back to the “basics” so-to-speak, ie: healthy structure/routine tomorrow.  I am speculating that there may be a correlation between my symptoms and junk food, but I will not be able to determine this until more time has gone by.

My current weight is 120.  It fluctuates between 118 and 122.  I am satisfied with my weight.  I would like to eventually incorporate some light exercise into my routine.  I already walk a few times a week, and I am in the process of trying to build a bicycle.  I plan to take the bicycle to the shore and ride along the boardwalk.  I am a bit hesitant about riding in the city.  Note:  I have not ridden a bicycle since age 11 or 12.  I am excited, but wary!  I do not like the idea of riding in the street with cars and would rather ride on the sidewalk, however, it’s illegal.

I am having my period and it’s really heavy.  I am crampy and miserable today.  It is over 80 degrees outside — it went from being cold, rainy and dreary to sunny and sizzling.  I would much rather live somewhere where the weather is in the 70’s all year long.  I hate the extreme hot and too much sun, and I think I’d rather be ice cold than hot.  My skin burns easily.

I am tired today.  As I said, my schedule has been off.  I had someone over here working on some bikes I have for sale and the work took twice as long as expected and so I did not get to sleep until 2AM.  My schedule calls for me to be asleep by 11PM.  As I stated earlier, I will attempt to resume my structure tomorrow.  I am currently working on (juggling) multiple “projects,” ie:  bikes, books, networking opportunities, play, etc.  I am most interested in building a life for myself.

The MMS is starting to taste bad.  I am not sure if it’s because it has been used a lot now and/or has sat near the sun/warm temperature, etc., but it’s starting to become repulsive.  I am taking 1 to 2 drops intermittently.  I am trying to tell myself it’s just “lemon juice,” but it’s beginning to leave an immediate bad aftertaste in my mouth.  I tried mixing it with pomegranate juice without “added” vitamin C and it turns out pomo is an antioxidant so it’s not allowed because it deactivates the MMS!  I ordered Jim Humble’s book on MMS from an Amazon bookseller and the book has not arrived, nor has my other Lyme book shipped via Amazon fulfillment.  I am very frustrated and am going to have to call them tomorrow.  Both items stated they were delivered…

Light, efficient, quality, aesthetic bike is what I am looking for — basically what I look for in everything.  ie, portable, quality, aesthetic.  I am fortunately not having any regrets about ridding the car — so far it seems to be working out; the winter may be another story.  At any rate, I am again just working on building self-sufficiency.  I will be going to some networking events soon for professionals.  I first have to get my hands on some professional attire, ie: white button-down blouse and trousers, although it has been brought to my attention that a blouse I already have can be taken to a tailor and adjusted.

I am going to chill out now, listen to some music, look at some pictures, and eat lunch.  I will then likely hop in the shower to help soothe my cramps and then go upstairs and relax.  I want to go outside but it’s entirely too hot.  Unfortunately this is how Philadelphia is most all the time between April and September.  Blah.  I just want to keep the focus on becoming self-sufficient so that I can live out my values and vision.  I will keep persisting.

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