MMS update – 112 days (3 months, 20 days)

I am honestly surprised that there haven’t been any doctors that have contacted me regarding my blog and the documentary videos and personal and educational information on MMS – Magical Mineral Solution.  I am almost positive that quite a few doctors, as well as suffers and just people wanting to learn more about MMS have surfed my blog.
I did have one guy contact me from Canada – a supposed “patient,” as well as researcher, and offered to send me a personal check for a future phone call from the United States to Canada (his home), but that never happened.  Perhaps he found his answer.  He ended the call with “The one thing I want you to tell me is if it  (the MMS) works.”  I responded with a definite “YES.”

MMS does in fact work, however, I am at a catch-22 as some of you might have read in my previous entries.  The MMS is making it so that my thyroid medication cannot be absorbed.  I am going to have to discontinue treatment.  My next step, depending upon follow-up test results, will be to try to obtain a 4-week (that is the most a regular, ie: NON-LLMD doctor can prescribe) supply of Doxycycline.  I am hoping that the MMS has fought off a considerable number of the lyme bacteria and that the Doxycycline will be effective alternative in resolving the issue. Doxycycline is known to be very dangerous, however, if doses are too high and prescribed for an extended period of time.  I will not lose hope or give up on a successful recovery.

I had my blood drawn today and paid the $200.00 fee for the IGG and IGM Western Blot Lyme Test follow-up test from IGENIX testing labs.  I will be getting my results in 3 weeks and will be eager to see if anything has changed.  Additionally, I will be getting my results for my thyroid panel and screening in 1 week, as well as a CBC (Complete Blood Count) that was ran.  These tests will determine whether MMS has been successful. 

Next steps:  I see the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist again on August 5th.  At that point I will likely be referred to a neurologist for the continued facial pain.  I will let everyone know the outcome of my tests, having taken MMS for 112 days aka 3 months 20 days, in 3 weeks.

Stay tuned!

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