August 29th, 2011. Burlington, VT – “Home” sweet home, soon! Conduit for intensive healing purposes.

“Heaven” by 3 Doors Down.

I got lost out there in this world
Looking for a brand new way to fall down
It’s no surprise that things gotten worse
And I think God never let me drown

I didn’t have to lie to myself for so long
I didn’t have to let myself get so far gone
I didn’t have to make the ones I love feel so alone
I didn’t have to die to go to heaven – I just had to go home

While I was having the time of my life
I think my soul died a little every day
I always called to say I’m sorry
You said it’s okay
But you should be through it all – you never walked away

But I didn’t have to lie to myself for so long
I didn’t have to let myself get so far gone
I didn’t have to make the ones I love feel so alone
I didn’t have to die to go to heaven – I just had to go home

Into the arms of my angel
Into the peace I left behind
All I had to do to save my own life
Was to look into your eyes

But I didn’t have to lie to myself for so long
I didn’t have to let myself get so far gone
I didn’t have to make the ones I love feel so alone
I didn’t have to die to go to heaven..

But I didn’t have to lie to myself for so long
I just had to go home
I just had to go home
I just had to go home



So either is plausible:

1. It’s GONE!
2. Counts have dropped too low to where it’s not detectable

Plan: To get re-tested in 2 months (this will have made it so that I would have waited an additional 3 months to get tested) to rule out #2.

If accurate, then:

Scenario 2:  There is a chance that I might still have lyme and the counts are just too low to be detected.  Furthermore, I could “relapse” and results could be hypothesized to show on the re-test in 2 more months.  Even so, with this scenario, the MMS has still worked!  It’s done it’s job!  The next action step would be to continue to take the MMS as long as I can tolerate it, knowing that it’s going to interfere with my thyroid absorption, but knowing that it’s working to kill the lyme faster than any other drug or remedy.

Scenario 1:  It’s GONE!

What do you think, folks, is there a chance being on MMS for the 3 months that I was, taking it every day 5-8 hours per day, CURED my lyme disease? MMS is supposedly the world’s “most powerful” antibacterial!


PS-  Symptoms summary (Note:  This is only 1/3 of the symptoms I begin with before starting MMS):

Summary: Frequent/Unresolved, Occasional, & Resolved:

Remaining (Note:  This is only 1/3 of the symptoms I begin with before starting MMS):


-Ear-node pain (I would describe it as “ear-jaw, or “ear-node” pain – it’s a constant, dull, aching pain (pressure) behind ears) – occurs at random times for intermittent hour-stretches of time – when it is really bad, it extends to the upper jaw, causing me to clench both my teeth, jaw, and hands; then I get a headache, which often turns into a migraine and will occasionally extend to the neck and upper back, resulting in throbbing, knotting, and burning).
-Joint pain and stiffness in hands/fingers (Occurs on both sides, though slightly more painful on the right.  X-ray for arthritis twice  – both negative).
-Extreme fatigue (varies day-by-day and can strike out of nowhere)
-“Tired” dry eyes and tear ducts (Eye doctor said that my tear ducts dry up every “2 seconds” instead of “13″ seconds.  Additionally, my eyes have lost their “vitality,” ie: vivid/whiteness, and sometimes by the end of the night I look stoned.
-Headaches/Migraines (I get them a few times a year for a week straight)
-Lump in throat sensation (It will randomly feel like I have a golf ball or large-size piece of food stuck in my throat)
-Ringing/buzzing/occasional “swooshing” in ears (Occurs in 1 ear at a time and is known to occur in both ears, though it happens 75% more of the time in right ear)
-Extreme sensitivity to heat and cold (When others are warm, I am uncomfortably hot and sweaty, and when others are comfortable, I am cold)
-Mouth sores (I get little canker sores — clear bubbles in my mouth at random times — usually a single or couple bubbles at once typically behind my front bottom lip)
-Oversensitivity to sound
-Oversensitivity to light (I now have to wear a hat with a visor all the time and sunglasses)
-Dry hair (feels like straw)
-Brittle nails (they no longer grow)
-Foul-smelling boogers (Sounds strange, but is definitely something I have noticed since very early on when I became sick)
-Continual, re-occurring, slow healing infections (I get a lot in my fingers)
-Asymmetrical tonsil (On right side of mouth – Dr. states it looks and feels the “size of a grape”)
-Hypothyroidism (NOT Hashimoto’s)
-Abnormal ANA titer 3x (Negative for rheumatoid factor, ie: scloderma, lupus, arthritis, etc.)


-Clenched teeth/jaw
-Clenched fists (when this happens, it is most noticed upon waking up in the morning)
-Neck/shoulder pain (I will often wake up with EXTREME stiffness in my neck/shoulder area and my neck/shoulders will just randomly burn, especially at night)
-Enlarged neck/throat (lymph) glands (Especially when I work out, even minimally, ie: lifting dumbbells for a half hour)
-Tingling in hands/feet/face (I thought maybe I had MS -Multiple Sclerosis because of the random “tingling” – The face has tingling & numbness around lips and jaw bone upon touch and considerably more noticeable in cold weather)
-Increased anxiety
-Increased depression
-Unexplained weight changes (Extreme gain and loss — fluctuates between 118 and 127 – highest: 136 lbs in a very short periods of time)
-Unexplained hair loss (Noticeable in shower)
-Worsened vision (Blurry, worse at night. Developed astigmatism)


-Weakness in limbs (This has occurred twice.  I was so weak I could not even get up, and I thought I might have to be admitted to the ER.  Also at this time I was sweating – DRENCHED profusely)
-Unexplained menstrual pain and irregularity
-Vertigo (Two single occurrences, 2008 & …)
-Night sweats (Mostly occurred in 2008, but should not be ruled out because they occurred frequently)
-Vivid dreams and nightmares (Fall 2008)
-Hot and cold flashes (Fall 2008 – Occurs periodically often while laying in bed, or perhaps that’s when I notice it most like many of the other symptoms)
-Difficulty falling asleep and insomnia
-Random nose bleeds (Occur twice a year for a week-long stretch and will gush – Last time I went to the ER)
-Extreme dry mouth (Cotton mouth, and it doesn’t matter how much water I drink)
-Fainting (I had my blood drawn and entirely blacked out)
-Cold hands, feet, and nose (Occurs in fall and winter and is out-of-proportion compared to the normal person)

-Bloating (Occurred in Dec 2010- Jan 2011)
-Diarrhea (Occurred in Dec 2010- Jan 2011)
-Constipation (Occurred in Dec 2010- Jan 2011)
-Unusual abdominal cramping (Occurred in Dec 2010- Jan 2011)
-Big toe pain when walking – Gout?

-Allergies/Sensitivities (I have developed an allergy to dust and developed food sensitivity to blackberries and some soy-made products)
-Random rashes (Allergies?  I have eaten the foods before and never developed a rash – now I am getting more rashes when I eat things.  The last rash was on my left kneecap, which did not subside with Benedryl “quick strip.”  The rash remained on my leg for 3 solid days and was triangle-shaped).

2:30PM:  A follower and reader on my facebook states:

“It could have just mutated and they are not looking for the right bands… I hate to tell you that, but it is very possible you still have lyme if you did not take antibiotics.  I am on my 2nd week of 4 weeks of iv antibiotics..This time around seems to be helping so far.” – FB Follower

A clear skeptic she seems to be of any natural “treatment.”  You will have that.  At this point, I am pretty much convinced that the MMS has in fact been effective – how effective I do not know until I get yet a 3rd test to confirm the “negative” diagnosis of the 1st follow-up.

My response:

“I was tested through IGENIX, the top lab in the United States.  IGENIX has the best testing technology and the most sensitive testing.  Additionally, they test for more bans than any other facility.  Either the test was a false-negative, my counts are too low to be detected, or it’s GONE.  At any rate, the MMS has done its job, and it’s worked to treat my lyme disease.  I am going to get re-tested in 2 months (That will have made it 3 months since my last test) to confirm that the results are really correct.  If they come back “positive” then I will not know if the 2nd test was a false-negative, or if the lyme had not cleared fully.  If the test comes back negative again it is certain that my lyme is cleared – that or scenario 2 still exists and the counts are just too low, but I will be inclined to believe that if the confirmation test for this follow-up test to test #2 in 2 months comes back “negative” as this last test did, then my lyme is GONE.” 

MMS is said to be the #1 most powerful killer of bacteria, etc. and is said to be a major threat to the FDA who would lose a TON (Millions of dollars) of money if word got out that MMS is in fact a natural “curer” to most ailments.

Update as of 8/29/11:  Last week I spoke with Dr. Harris, the lead doctor at IGENIX Testing Labs and he said he has never seen anyone “recover” as fast as I have and asked me what I used to treat this lyme.  He stated that no one to his knowledge had recovered that fast even using conventional pharmaceuticals.

I am convinced now that MMS is in fact a “miracle cure.”  Through this illness I had lost nearly everything (I would have described myself as being “emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually “bankrupt,”) and I am now slowly regaining the faith I had lost in myself and the Universe.  After having used this “miracle” supplement, I can honestly say it’s been blessing.  Thank you Jim Humble, and thank you God/HP!  It works!