Lives, people we love

This Whitney Houston story has me wondering if Ashley is okay now… not that Ashley would ever be someone to get involved with drugs, but then again, you probably never would have thought Whitney Houston would either, and I definitely would have never imagined my friend Amanda doing it, and she did… so now I am worried.  And I don’t want to keep “negative” stuff on my blog so I will stop there.  I just hope she’s doing okay.  Her personality has changed and she’s cut me off.

I have watched my mother go down hill, as well, and I have no clue why.  My mother sneaks cigarettes now and drinks a lot of caffeine, and she has fibromylgia.  I personally believe she has lyme disease like myself, but she refuses to get tested for it even though I have offered to pay for the out-of-pocket test.  I showed her my pay stubs when I was barely making enough to survive during the slow season selling cars and told her I would pay for every cent of the test as a “Christmas” present, etc. and she refused.

I just don’t get it… why people let their lives go to waste.  It really makes me sad, and I am feeling really sad tonight.  Whitney was a beautiful person… I don’t understand why this happens to so many people.

I want and need to know that Ashley is okay.  I haven’t heard from her in a while, and I am concerned about her.

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