Valentine’s Day dream…

I had another dream about Ashley last night.  We were in a Victorian claw-foot bathtub together.  There were two of the tubs lined up side by side, long-wise.  Ash and I were in the tub in the back, and Erin was sitting to the right of us outside of the bathtub looking at us.  We were all talking.  The water was running in both tubs, and there was a black dog… a small Shit-zu in the front tub.  I was sitting behind Ashley in the rear tub and softly rubbing the top of her back around the shoulder area.  Erin knew how Ashley and I felt about each other.  I was appreciating Ashley and everything was innocent.  I couldn’t, for instance, see her lower half, or even my own – only each other’s shoulder’s.  The neck and shoulder region were the main focus, and I cherished her.  Erin was admiring our love for one another which was very innocent and sincere.

The Shit-zu which was in clear view of where we were sitting kept swimming around the tub.  The dog then hopped in our tub and swam towards the back and got stuck under the water faucet.  I remember gracefully and abruptly moving around Ashley to save it’s life.

It might seem strange that I am posting my private thoughts like this, but I needed a place to share what’s inside.  I understand this is private, but my written journal isn’t any less private.  It’s just easier to type my thoughts up, and my goal is to write daily.  I tried doing this a while ago and am going to try it again because I am always having thoughts come to mind.

I also wanted to say that I want Ashley back in my life as a friend in real life.  We were (are) so similar.  I am reminded of the time that she kept a journal with letters, etc. to me and threw it out before I had come home from the Navy.  Anyway, this is my journal to her, mainly, among some other things, ie: my health, etc.  I just wanted (needed) to get it out there, so here it goes…

Anyway, the dream shook me up a little… it’s the second one I’ve had in the past week.  The first time I dreamt of Ashley in a while was when she actually came to visit the next day.  Her mother lives in the same apartment complex as me, and I actually dreamt that Ashley was coming to visit her ex, Crystal, in the dream.  Nevertheless, she was coming here, and I guess I knew it subconsciously… Until then, I hadn’t dreamt of her in a while.

One comment on “Valentine’s Day dream…

  1. wishing you wellness and peace says:

    The dog’s name is shih tzu. You had shit(-zu) in the tub with you two and you don’t even realize it.

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