On another note…

On second note, I do not think Ashley was behind her mother moving.  She may have mentioned it, but I think her mother did it on her own.  She couldn’t stand me because in her mind I made her daughter gay.  She tried keeping Ashley and I apart.  She would curse at me and call me a “Dyke” and say the most hateful things, and I know her perspective didn’t change much because Ashley would complain to me years later when she was with Crystal.  Teresa would hit Ashley and physically (and verbally/emotionally) abuse Ashley.  I called the police on her mother one time for assaulting her daughter.

At any rate, I wouldn’t put it past Teresa if she herself moved when she found out (from Ashley, or for better or worse, saw us herself) we lived here.  After this occurred to me tonight, I realized that I was (and am still) grieving the loss of Ashley.  I was initially angry thinking that maybe she played a part in her mother moving, but I think that I was just grieving (stage 2 anger) – completely normal.

I really don’t think she had too much to do with her mother moving… if anything, Ashley would want her mom to stay here… she’s weird like that about ex’s, and for whatever reason, still wants to (or does, and “Actions speak louder than words” ;)) see her ex’s and keep tabs on them.  I remember, for a while, hearing a lot about her ex “John” and his “yellow” truck… that’s all I remember… but yeah… he lived here in the same apartment complex (I wonder if he still does? lol) and she would always bring him up, referencing him lol

Anyway, after I realized that Ash may not be a part of this, this song came on my Spotify account:



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