“I will continue living life”

“You know you love someone if you could imagine them having HIV (Note:  I said imagine) and still sleep/be with them…  There isn’t one other woman I could, or have ever been able to say this about.”

“Crystal would talk shit about her… all the time… she would say that she was “controlling” and would “sleep around,” “that Ash cheated on her,” etc. flagrant lies.  Heck, even if half of what she said was true, she flout-out ragged on her… when Crystal, from very early on, literally would go to gay bars behind Ashley’s back and be on gay sites – in front of me,” and try and keep it a secret from Ashley!  I respected Ashley… always.  I bought her flowers, made her cd’s, was honest with her, was protective, etc.”

“Are you still allowing her to keep you from me?”  

“She’s an adult child…. of a mentally ill/abusive parent.  You know, kids who grow up too fast.  Look it up – “Adult child,” or “Adult child of an alcoholic – ” it’s pretty damn similar.  Anyway, she’s still caught up in the re-enactments of childhood, hence “adult ‘child,'” reacting, as an adult, in child-like ways without realizing it.  I was (am) an “Adult Child,” too, but I got away… I went/moved out to Vermont, and it changed my life… and I was able to separate from my mother and her abuse/beliefs.  I developed my own beliefs, and I learned to challenge/question things… I separated, and I became my own person.”

“I was here, and you knew it, and you never came after me… you never took walks at night (not that I know of) past my place…”

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