May 30th, 2012 update

Update-  LOTS going on… super busy.  Picked up a part-time job in addition to the full time work my roommate and I do together.  Now I am working in sales for a company, in sales for myself, and tarot reading and life coaching.  Next year I am for sure going to South Korea to teach English for 1 year.  Lots going on!  Working on figuring out why I have gained 10 lbs and why I can’t seem to lose it… doctor appointment in a couple of weeks.  Soooo much going on!  Will try and keep everyone posted.

My feelings about Ashley have not changed, and I have my mind made up, no matter what the age.  I don’t care if I am 80 years old, I will still ask her to marry me.  I know for a fact, with out a doubt, that she is the person that I want to be with.

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