April 5th, 2011. Healthy diet!

Ah, creating the necessary structure that will enable me to have a successful foundation for myself is quite the process!  I am proud to say that I am enjoying the creation process, but eager to complete it!

So today I will be tracking my “meals.”  I am trying (developing) a healthy meal plan that works for me.  I have not had a meal structure since I lived in Vermont, and since it worked for me out there and I was quite productive, I have decided to go back to it.  Nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle.  I am working on devising a plan that will allow for me to have the best quality food and minimal amount for the cheapest price – I have multiple reasons for doing this, all which will serve each each other, ie: travel and prep-time included.

I was debating whether or not to even use this particular chart because of the alcohol content being displayed.  At any rate, I decided to go ahead and post it because it was one of the only “new” pyramids (the guidelines just recently changed) with the servings sizes listed in a comprehensible fashion.