Fri June 3rd, 2011. MMS – “Magical Mineral Solution” DAY 74- Healing FIBROMYALGIA/ LYME DISEASE.

A reader believes that I am having cardiac problems resulting from late stage lyme disease.  He wants me to be on cautious of a heart attack.  I am having major ear-node pain.  When the pain is really bad, it extends to my upper jaw.  The pain comes and goes and its intensity varies from a 3 to 5 on 1-5 scale with 5 being the most severe.  I also get occasional hand-joint pain, in the hand and fingers.  My ear also buzzes and rings for about 20 seconds a few times a week.  Most of my symptoms for some reason seem to be worse on the right side of my body.

I also have an asymmetrical tonsil inside my throat, which I first noticed about 1 year after I had become sick.  Dr’s have wanted to conduct a CT SCAN to see if it could be a growth or tumor, but I am trying to avoid this due to the high radiation exposure.  The CT SCAN is the last thing I would like to do.

Fatigue comes and goes and is extreme.  I can be tired after having done only one thing.  A walk around the corner can leave me exhausted.  Whenever I try working out with 10 lb dumbbells I end up with swollen lymph glands in the neck and throat.  Sleep doesn’t make a difference.  I get about 8-9 hours of sleep on average.  I fall asleep between 12 a.m., sometimes between 1-2 a.m.

So in summary, ear-node pain (when intense, extends to the jaw), joint pain (hand/fingers), buzzing in ear, headaches, and extreme fatigue are the major symptoms.  There are several others.  The pain is unbearable.