April 29th, 2011. Earthly, whole-istic, healthy living!

I love re-usable things, and I am most excited about my most recent purchase:

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The shoes appear to lambs wool around the ankle and seams.  They are super comfy and down-to earth.  I am happy with the lifestyle changes I am making, including choosing an all-organic and as much raw-food diet as possible:

I am keeping my space really minimalist, too, which frees up a lot of room for me to work creatively :)

April 12th, 2011. Habits, structure, and scheduling :)

I am proud to say that I am eating healthier (all fresh and organic), and I am eating appropriately (3 times per day, 2 snacks, etc.) and cost-effectively.  Listed below is my current schedule and the foods/meal options I’m ascribing to right now.  The food choices and schedule will continue to be expanded upon and enriched.  For starters, however, I am proud of the switch.


WAKE UP-  8:45AM.
Breakfast- 9:45AM.
Work-  11AM- 2PM.
Lunch- 2PM w/fish oil (2) and B-Complex (2).
Afternoon Snack-  4-5PM
Work 2PM-7PM.
Dinner-  7-8PM w/multi-vitamins (2) & Vitamin C/D pack (1/2 pkg).
Computer time- 8-9PM
Night Snack-  9PM
Meditation (Read, journal, meditate)- 9-9:30PM
Movie/Chill Out-  9:30-10:30PM
Bed-  11PM

Meal Options:

Breakfast (9:30-10:30AM):

-Egg and cheese sandwich on whole-wheat bun w/almond milk (1 glass).  I eat organic, cage-free eggs with white 2% cheese and an Arnold’s multi-grain flat-bun.

Lunch (1-2PM): (2) fish oils and (2) B-Complex’s!

-Pasta/spaghetti w/cheese & broccoli/lima beans.

Afternoon Snack (4-5PM):

-Raw granola nut-bar (1/2)
-Greens protein bar
-Leather fruit bar
-Freshly squeezed juice & vegetable smoothie — all organic, mango w/pear, apple, grapefruit, spinach, & carrot.

Dinner(7-8PM): (2) Multi-vitamins & Vitamin C/D (1/2 pkg).

-Whole-wheat thin spaghetti w broccoli, tomato sauce, topped over melted cheese.
-Veggie Burger (buns) w/lettuce, cheese, & ketchup.

Night Snack (9PM): *Note:  Need a lot of Vitamin C.

-Freshly squeezed juice & vegetable smoothie — all organic, mango w/pear, apple, grapefruit, spinach, & carrot.

February 6th, 2011. Who we associate with/Values/Peer support group.

I am cutting out all unhealthy people in my life and when this happens it will be inevitable that I will be left with is myself and will be asked to examine myself closely.  I do believe though that association plays a big role in one’s development and growth –hindering or supporting.  “Guilty by association.”  People do have an effect on other people and the kinds of people we surround ourselves with is can break or make us.  There is energy associated with each person and situation.

One by one I will be making and learning how to make healthy, better (sensible) decisions for myself, being mindful of the kinds of people I let into my life and the choices that I make.  I am going to try and meditate a little and spend time  myself so that I can develop mindfulness for things going on in my life.  I am in the process right now of clearing out  my room –making my external environment a safe haven and a clutter-free refuge for me to retreat.  I think that this process of eliminating not necessary the “bad,” because I do not believe in strictly “good” and “bad,” but what does not align with my value-system, will be a *balancing act.  It almost reminds me of 13. The Death card in the tarot that states:  “Out with the old, on with the new,”“When one door closes, another opens,” but it’s a transition… and a slow one at that.

I just do not want something, ie: Erin and a selfish acting out incident on her part to hinder my progress.  I am not that strong to where I can just put my emotions aside and pretend (denial) to not be bothered; nor do I believe this is healthy.  I am really going to have to try and maintain focus and perspective.

I think that I am going to hop in the shower now even though I already took a bath today.  I want to feel clean 100% and well-groomed.  Then afterwords I think I will work on my budget for my 4 living options (2 of which seem most viable) and lists, ie: grocery, to buy/return, etc. some more.  The goal is to eventually have everything I need arranged and organized in such a manner to where I can access everything easily and efficiently, and save on costs.  It is important for me to be able to have my own space and have things run efficiently while enjoying life.

Tonight is Super Bowl night and everyone is coming over to drink.  Erin was quick to remind me that there would be much alcohol downstairs tonight.  I am not looking forward to this evening the least bit and cannot understand why people insist that fun involves alcohol.  Why not soda and popcorn?  Heck, or even juice and celery?!  I do not understand why people do not have well-developed values and am impatient with stupidity.  I really want to surround myself with value-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals and share similar interests.