May 18th, 2011. Some sensible relational advice.

Emily’s formula: Honesty + Respect + Communication + Dependability + Commitment = TRUST.

Once trust is established, “I love you” can be warranted, but why on earth would you say “I love you” to someone you don’t yet trust unless you’re trying to make the relationship secure?
Note: ‘Security’ is NOT based off desires and expectations! — but rather, on an establishment (foundation) of TRUST.

Confused? Saying “But…” RE-READ this.  Let it sink in until you get it!

Simply put: Saying “I love you” does not make the relationship  “secure.”

“Is my relationship really secure,” you may be wondering? Ask yourself if you have established the above — 5 principles/conditions (“Standards”). If you are uncertain about what they mean, then define them for yourself, do some research, or join in on this discussion! ♥

March 3rd, 2011. Boundaries. Clashes. Values.

It’s time that I put up boundaries with Erin because I am not about to be fooled again.  I feel like I am getting played, and I have felt this way off and on for months now; realistically, a couple of yearsShame on me for not walking away. Denial is what brings me right “back” again, into the loop… the vicious cycle.  She is bulshit.  Everything about her.  I hate her and how she lies through her teeth.  She gets off on deceiving people.  She even deceives herself.  The problem is I get caught up every time and give in.  I call her a push over, and most of the time she is, yet I am a push over for not walking away.  I guess I am scared to.  My heart is too intertwined.  I hate it.

Every time I gain some momentum she pulls me back again with her sweetness… she gets physically close to me and it causes me to “believe” things have changed.  Wrong.

I am only fooling and deceiving myself.  She is still the same cruel, heartless, distant, cold, insensitive, selfish, and calculating person she is.  My poem reads, “There isn’t any ‘love’ in goodbye,” which indicates how hard (difficult) it has been for me to walk away from unhealthy attachments.

I guess the messages that we learn in childhood can either keep us imprisoned or we can break out of them somehow.

How do we free ourselves?  What is the ‘glue’ that holds us together?  If denial then denial of what?  Where is this ‘landmine’ I have stepped on, if such an invisible barrier?  How can I learn to recognize it?  The red

flags?  Those things that we are supposed to keep our eyes wide-open to?  See, I saw them, but I was so used to them from my mother and previous relationships that I overlooked them, passing them off as something I “haven’t already handled.” The fact is, she became too good at her game, and unfortunately I lost mine.  Now I am stuck in a battle — a no-win situation, and I have clearly lost.  Myself.

I am ready and desiring to reclaim myself.  First comes the boundaries:

So when she comes at me and wants to tear down my walls:

What do I do?  Do I just stand there?  Take it?  The solution would be to walk away, but “how” I ask, do you walk away from the only thing (false love, ie: narcissistic love) you’ve ever known?  And when real love should present itself, how do you trust it?  If trust is shattered and you have been stripped of your dignity, then how can you trust again?  …how can you even trust yourself when your natural instinct has been deceived?

I want to hang Erin against a wall… what I mean by this is I want to see her held accountable for her actions, as I am so tired of her getting herself off the hook and sweet talking herself out of everything, including her stupid accident which was near-death and drug/substance-induced which she nearly killed someone and was able to talk her way out of getting alcohol/drug tested by the on-scene police officer!  I am angry at her for her “I’ll do ‘whatever I want, ‘when’ I want attitude” at the expense of others.  She’s a fucking antisocial (sociopath) woman.  I do not trust her for the life of me and nobody should because she’s hype and glee one day and a cruel, calculated witch the next.

I am sick and tired of this shit, and I am once again “packing my bags,” both figuratively and literally.  I have stuff all over my room right now sorted into different containers once again trying to figure out what I “need” and don’t need.  I do not trust my stability/security, ie: Erin and Rick’s home.  I do not trust Erin — as we have already established.

“Kicked around,” “Played with,” “Punched,” “Lied to,” “Deceived” — You name it, I have been.  It has happened to me.  I am sick and tired of it and am trying to develop standards for myself so that I can get the hell out of here.  I must admit having a car will make it a lot easier!  I am going to try my best not to lose my car and hope to God that my funds are not as low as I anticipated.  I am going to honestly, somehow have to “pull up my bootstraps” and fly.  I cannot wait-stay here; it is not healthy for me.  We have known (already established) this, yet I am pretty thick-sculled because my heart is hurting so bad that I don’t want to face the grief (another loss added to the many others that I have had trouble grieving) to deal with.

Apparently I have a hard time with grief, and maybe I choose to become locked into these patterns to avoid having to face it.  The harsh reality is I am going to have to face it because there will soon come a point where I am on my own officially.  Honestly, a part of me wants to be on my own, as scary and frightening as that might seem… It’s a challenge for sure; however, being/living in Philly is not a challenge… it is downright scary.  There isn’t any “challenge” in an area that is unsafe, as I have zero interest in living in an area that is unsafe.

I am interested in living in an area where I can grow and reach and aspire to be my best.  I do not want to have to worry about my back, which I feel like in Philly you can’t do anything but that, and it doesn’t help that that is the impression Erin feeds me daily.  I do not want to have to live my life that way… To be quite honest, if it wasn’t for Erin I would not even be in Philadelphia.  I came here namely for the relationship… to continue it because I wanted things to be okay… and I believed her when she said that all she needed was her “family” and that everything would be “alright.”  Wrong.  It got worse.

I took the bait.  At any rate, I choose on some level, whether subconsciously or consciously, to come to Philly.  Some part of me chose — maybe the underdeveloped part of myself that longs for a “family.”  The sad fact is, “family” to me is not the kind of family I want in my life… it’s narcissistic.  I don’t want narcissistic “love” in my life.  I want real love, and it starts with myself… so the reality is I have to get away from here.  I need to leave.  This place doesn’t do me any good, and it’s only hurting me (worse) being here.  It’s only reinforcing the false internalized belief that I am not loveable or respectable or worthy.

I can’t determine my worth anymore in the eyes of others… not in those who are unworthy of my love, time, attention, and respect.  I cannot allow myself to be walked on.  Thus, I need to put up boundaries; it is absolutely necessary for my health and survival.  I need to start now.  As hard as it might seem/be, I need to, because I cannot continue to live a lie and live a life that does not serve (enrich) me.  I am wasting precious, valuable opportunities… I cannot let a thief bring me down… I cannot let him/her rob me of my soul.  Life is a precious jewel, and I want to treat it that way.  I will not short-change myself.

January 20th, 2011. Making progress w/boundaries and self-respect!

I am deciding to post because I am proud of myself again!  I feel like God is throwing these lessons in my life, and I am handling them appropriately.  So someone from ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) just called me and was acting very strange… she was speaking in a dissociated voice.  She called, and she said, “Emily, it’s me ‘Jen’ from ACOA; I’m calling you from the hospital…”  Anyway, the next phrase out of her mouth was:  “I tried to commit suicide last night.”

I immediately detached, ie: stepped back emotionally right there and did not allow myself to get roped in. I had had a bad feeling about her before sensing that she was unstable.  She actually came into ACOA two weeks ago and didn’t know me and was telling me her life story and about how she’s “unsure” of her sexual identity now, etc.  At any rate, it was very strange, and I gave myself a mental note to step back and be cautious.  When she called me from the hospital it further confirmed my initial impression based off intuition.

She proceeded to tell me a sob story about how her “poor cat” is left at home without anyone to take care of it, etc. and asked me if I would go to her house and feed it!  I knew right then that I had to set a boundary, and so I offered to give her numbers of other member’s in the group.  I feel smart about this decision.  I do not want to get roped into her drama and who knows how long she would even be in the hospital!  So I declined passively I supposed because I didn’t exactly say “No,” but I directed her to other members.

At any rate, I am proud of myself for putting my foot down and not getting roped into this one.  This is the 3rd incident in the past week where I have learned to step back and set appropriate boundaries… more than anything, where I have been able to apply my “principles” or whatever you would call them!  Good work and progress for me!  I will keep journaling.

January 20th, 2011. “Standards.”

This is the second entry I’ve written today.  I am amazed at the type of people I attract into my life… I honestly wonder what that says about me.  I was pondering today, walking to the park and wrote down some of my thoughts.  At any rate, I couldn’t help but notice how bleak everything looked and how cold it was… and the park was lifeless, kind of how I feel now.  I feel like my inner landscape is barren.

I am just realizing how important partner and friendship selection is.  I have added a few people to my facebook through mutual friends and have trying to get to know some of them with a mindful eye and ear.  Typically I will just be friends with anyone who seems to be there, but I can proudly say that I’ve begun to develop standards for myself and am starting to stick to them.  One of the persons I spoke with I am surprised to find out smokes weed every day.  That is not my style, and that is a major red flag.  In the past I might have thought, “Oh, well she’s ‘cute’ or she’s convenient,” ie: always there, there to listen, etc. but  not this time.  I have actually dropped her from my “Get to know” list to the regular “Philadelphia folks” list.

The individuals on my “Get to know” list are people who I think, at first observation, look nice and decent.  Then of course I talk to them… and I find out more, like I did tonight!  I must say that I am a little disappointed that this person who seemed very beautiful in many respects is a daily pot smoker.  I must say honestly that that rained on my parade a little bit because I honestly thought that maybe I had found a potential friend who shares similar values and interests, but the truth is, I don’t want that in my life, and I am trying to change that –lack of self-respect, etc. about myself.

I am simply not going to waste time on people who do not share similar values.  I realize now how important values are, and it’s sad that I never had them before… “standards,” that is.  Honesty, respect, communication, dependability, and commitment are very important values to have, and it honestly wasn’t until being in this relationship with Erin that I could see the importance of these things.  Through not having had them in the relationship with Erin, I learned what matters to me.

So to say the least, that is just one example in which I am proud to say that I am applying some principles that are important to me.  The other one was the other night when I was talking to someone I thought was cute, who I have thought was cute for a very long time, and while I am not looking for a relationship, I was interested in building a friendship with this person.  It turns out the person blew me off two days in a row (we had been texting and had also planned on talking on the phone for 10 minutes so she could tell me about this frightening event that happened to her out of the blue) and her reasoning was because she had “acted stupid.”  I said, “What?”  She skipped around what happened, and finally said to me that she had gone to a lesbian bar and saw “10” of her ex’s and that they still wanted her, etc.

My first reaction was “Okay, she blew me off first off,” two, a lesbian “bar?” (I am not big into drinking but “to each his own;” however, not when it involves dumping me off), and then “10” ex’s?!  And lastly, the “they still want me” like comment she made.  She had mentioned something about an ego stroke.  I am sitting here thinking, “What the hell, are you serious?”  Anyway, that raised some major red flags for me!  Even aside from the fact that she dumped me off, the fact that she had 10 ex’s?!  I mean, “10” fine, okay, lets just pretend that’s okay… she talked about how she “did” stuff with them and how they still “want” her!  (I later found out she kissed them).  At any rate, I am not attracted to any of that… and I’m not sure what you would even call it, because I don’t think it necessarily falls under any of the categories (standards/values) I listed above, so I’m not sure what exactly you’d “call” it.  I just know that if I was involved with someone like that then they obviously have unresolved issues with their ex’s and they also enjoy a lot of physical attention, which does not fly with me in terms of possible future dating relationships!

I later asked this person if she is a loyal person or enjoys polygamy and she said she is very loyal and has “never cheated,” which may be (likely) is true; however, I don’t understand why she needs such an ego boost.  Honestly, that turns me off.  And honestly I was turned off by the fact that she, being single, would act in such a fashion.  Again, I am not sure what you would “call” it, but I would never act in such a way, and I am not interested in pursuing anything with her at any point in the future based off such knowledge.  Which is fine.  I just felt saddened to hear that… It just goes to show that we must really take the time to get to know people before jumping into things… which is exactly what I have been trying to do now.  I have been sort of “screening” people, watching them –how they act/behave, etc. and then making judgments of whether or not I want that type of person in my life and how based off that.

So yeah… Ashley still is the only woman that I have dated that shares similar values.  We shall see what’s to become of this.  I will continue being my lovely self and continue along the path of self growth and discovery…