BREAKTHROUGH – Iodine-deficiency vs. hypothyroidism?

BREAKTHROUGH!  A light-bulb has just gone off!  Am I being medicated for “hypothyroidism” when I may only have an iodine deficiency? How do you differentiate/rule out the two? ie, iodine deficiency versus hypothyroidism? I do know that my thyroid results came back hypothyroid, however, I came back NEGATIVE for Hashimoto’s antibodies, which is the primary CAUSE of hypothyroidism. Typically hypothyroidism is GENETIC, and nobody in my family to my knowledge has it, so how do I and the doctors know I don’t just have an Iodine deficiency? Why didn’t they test me for an iodine deficiency before putting me on medication? Now I am on medication and don’t know if I actually have an iodine deficiency!

I might have an  Iodine-deficiency versus classic hypothyroidism!

Plan:  Reduce my Synthyroid slowly and see if my thyroid levels are perfect the lower I go.  Note:  I was eating so much broccoli before that it was blocking absorption of my medication and iodine.  **If you are not familiar with “goitrogens,” please EDUCATE yourselves on them immediately!  ***IF you have a “thyroid” disorder you MUST avoid goitrogens because they will suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodione uptake.  Now that I have stopped ALL goitrogens my iodine levels are improving.

Simply put, if you have been diganosed with a thyroid issue, it is PERTINENT that you figure out whether or not you have an IODIONE DEFICIENCY!  Do NOT just let your doctors put you on medication without finding out if you have a DEFICIENCY OF ANYTHING!  THEY MAKE MONEY OFF THE MEDICATIONS THEY PRESCRIBE YOU!  THEY’RE CALLED “KICKBACKS!”



March 12th, 2011. Threats from my own “mother!” (LYME disease related).

I spoke with my “mother” today; miss Judy Lynn Downham, and she is threatening to sue me for asking her for help with my lyme and for posting the fact that my “family” won’t help me on facebook and on this journal!  She is nuts!

At any rate, I have had to delete all of my “family” and friends off of facebook because she will use any of the information she can get her hands on, including them, to use against me.  She is narcissistic and even my father stated this and used it in court to testify against her and her child abuse.  She tried taking him for all of the house assets, etc.

She called me today and wanted specifics on how much I owe on student loans and how much her husband co-signed for.  She also said she wanted to see my health records.  She claimed that I was “harassing, slandering, and blackmailing her,” which I am not.  She is literally throwing out words to gain the upper hand.

She can shell out hundreds of dollars to my brother and possibly sister yet she refuses to help me with anything.  I have not even asked her for anything in literally years.  She is obsessed with maintaining power and control and only uses Jerry.  I am now convinced that she has him wrapped around her pretty little finger.  The fact is, she is sick.  She threatened suicide after cheating on my father.  She is emotionally unstable.

At any rate, I am like a worn out shoe to her… she pawns her stuff off on me.  Everything is about reputation, and it always has been.  I am not sending her any records.  I will post my test results on here.  I am not going to send her records only to have her use them against me as further evidence that I am “harassing” her.  She is absolutely nuts.

I am going to pay for my own lyme treatment. I am selling my car.

February 6th, 2011. Driving after drinking; irate!

I am upset right now because Erin just drove her cousin home after having drank 2.5 tall cans of beer (this equates to 4 regular-size cans) and then to her mother’s house after promising me less than 1 minute before she walked out the door that she would NOT drive after drinking and would instead make Lori drive!  Erin had told me that she would be home “soon” –that she needed to drop off her mother’s car back at her mother’s house and had agreed to drop Lori off on the way.

When I found this out, I told her I did not want her driving after she had literally just finished downing 4 beers!  She said, “I’m fine, Emily.” I said, “No, you’re not… you should not be drinking and driving even after having had only one because you are putting your own and other people’s lives at risk.”

She then had her brother drive her home after had too had been drinking!  I specficially asked her to not have him drive her home if he had been drinking, and she said, “I will decide if he’s drunk.” She was talking to him at the time, and I had asked her to ask him right then and there if he had been drinking, and she refused.  She and I both knew that he had; she just wanted a ride.  I would have said to Erin, “Erin, I want you to walk home.”

I am angry at her for telling me one thing, and once again, doing another.  This is not uncommon practice for Erin.  She will often tell me one thing and then when push comes to shove she cannot follow-through with the promise; in this case, a matter of life or death.  The bulshit excuse that “it won’t happen to me” that you hear is very ignorant.  If someone has had anything to drink at all, they should not be driving.  Erin knows better, yet she does not care –she insists on doing it “her” way and doing “what she wants, when she wants.”

Erin claims that she has “changed” –that she is a “changed” person, yet she continues to display irrational, poorly constructed behavior.  What I mean by “changed” is she had said to me last year that she had gotten into a head-on collision with a semi-truck (A U-haul (quote) “I think — I don’t remember… you have to understand that my head hit the steering wheel”) one evening around 6AM in the morning at 19 years-old after having driven home from her ex girlfriend, Jen’s, house an hour away high and drunk.

She had gone out to the bar earlier that night and gotten drunk and high (on Xanax, which she obtained from her cousin, Jen) and wanted a “booty call” (quote) and called Jen up to ask if she wanted to have sex and ended up getting into an accident on her hour-long drive home.  She was apparently speeding very fast and was still drunk and high.  Sadly the police officer who filed the report did not even catch the fact that she had been drinking or bother to breathalize her!  In all honesty,  I wouldn’t be surprised if she talked her way out of it.

At any rate, she claims she’s “changed” yet she continues to display the same irrational, hurtful behavior.  I am so tired and fed-up with her.  One of the women in my meetup group stated that when I am finally (truly) “fed-up” I will leave.  I hope to soon.  I honestly am trying to change my lifestyle and make better decisions for myself.  I want to meet positive, good, value-minded people.  I met someone online from one of the meetup groups I’m involved in who reminds me of Ashley.  We haven’t met face-to-face, and I do not think she’s gay, but my point is, I have met someone who I suspect is similar to Ashley, which is a good thing, because it means there’s still hope for reciprocal friendships!

I am going to go now and listen to music for a while;  I just needed to vent and get this off my chest.  Never, ever, drive after drinking; it’s senseless and illogical!