This says it all – Exactly what I believe

Noah, a young man from the working class, lays eyes on Allie and instantly falls in love with her. When Allie refuses his initial advances, Noah remains persistent, and eventually wins her affections. However, Allie comes from an upper class family that has very definite ideas about Allie’s future. Determined to keep Allie from destroying the opportunities her upper class lifestyle affords her, the family leaves the town of Seacrest, leaving Noah behind. Noah writes to Allie every day for a year, but the letters go unanswered, hidden from Allie by her mother. After the year is over, Noah decides to go on with his life, but never forgets the love he once knew. Eventually, after many years filled with hardship and happiness, fate steps in and Noah and Allie rediscover the love they lost.

April 9th, 2011. Youtube cutting off my videos!

I regret to inform everyone, but both of my videos recorded today youtube has cut off.  Additionally, youtube cut off the video before the last which is why I did not post it.  I have tried re-uploading these videos at least 5 times each, at different times and even on different days, and youtube still insists on cutting them off by 4 minutes so that the videos are only a little over a minute!  I am so sorry… I don’t know what else to do…