Confirmed – She is gone

Confirmed – she moved.  I am really upset and pissed off about it.  I don’t understand it… but I think it’s a complete coincidence that she (technically her mother) has lived here for literally 10+ years and suddenly when we move in, she moves out.  I saw Ashley, and the next thing I know is her and her mother moved out.  Whatever.

I am feeling a sadness in my chest right now knowing this.  I don’t understand why her “Welcome” mat is still here and her dead, dried plants.  It just makes me mad.  I feel like everyone cuts me off.  Am I some bad omen or what?  I am not trying to be negative, but I’m sick of feeling this way.  “Someday I will make enough money to give back to the community – they won’t look at me then,” I think to myself.  For now, now “I’m just a “nobody.”

I mean, really, everyone and their brother have cut me off, and I don’t understand why, but I am not some freak nor psycho so I don’t understand it… 90% of the people don’t even give an explanation.  In the last month, I have been cut off by Crystal (Ashley’s ex, who I hooked Ashley up with) who I have stayed in contact with since 2003, Amanda (who was my ex girlfriend and also my first girlfriend and best friend) who I’ve known since 1996, Jessy (My best friend senior year of high school and the first 2 years of college), Jen (My ex, out of nowhere as well, when I even offered to help her when she was homeless), etc… the list literally goes on and on.

I just feel like I moved here 2 years too late.  I sit here and think “I shouldn’t have spent that year- year and a half in Philly; I should have spent it here.”  All I want is to be friends with Ashley again… we have been friends, but then she cut me off out of nowhere, writing me an email saying she can’t be friends with me if I still have feelings for her because it may jeopardize the “next relationship” she is in.  O.K. Ashley.  I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense, because she still had feelings for me!

Ashley would call me up telling me she met a guy “just” like me… and would go on and on, obsessively… She would also call me up periodically to check-in with me to be sure I was doing okay… yes, while she was with people.  She (and I) have always cared about one another, and that has not changed… I don’t understand the big mood change.  Her ex girlfriend thinks it’s for approval… ie, to gain the approval of her mother.  That wouldn’t surprise me.  Her mother is sick like mine, and even though Ashley is an adult, she is still actively trying to gain the approval of her mother.  She lost it with her father years ago… her father was a coward.

Anyway, I just don’t know what to think anymore… and I know I will get over this, and that life will go on, but I feel like now any chance that I may have had at all to be friends with her again, or to make amends, etc. has been shattered and blown.  “I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the edge.”  -Nickelback.  Her mom (like Amanda’s “mom”) kept us apart years ago… we needed each other, and she kept us apart.  It never fails in my life that I lose people I love.

This explains it…


I don’t know who to be mad at… myself or her.  “Maybe I should just ‘forget’ about her,” I say to myself.  Yeah, I don’t think it works like that… Heck, “I could buy the girl a car,” I think to myself, and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of a difference.  I honestly don’t know what crawled up her ass, and I’m not in any way trying to be insulting, but how can you take a friendship that lasted for years and do this… just leave someone hanging.  Again, listen to the Nickelback “Lullaby” song.

By the way, I blasted that “Lullaby” song when it was fairly new and first came out when I first realized Ashley still lived here.  I played it nice and loud hoping that she would hear (Nickelback is her favorite band).  I feel like we’re missing out on so many experiences…  I will be living my life and then suddenly she will pop into my mind… And I will remember for a second what it felt like to be alive with someone… I have felt alive plenty of times, on my own, with my Higher Power, but with Ashley, it was with someone… someone who understood me.

April 3, 2012. Sad news.

So I am feeling really depressed right now.  Or maybe extremely “blah” is another word.  I think that Ashley and her mother moved, or to be technical, Ashley’s mom, which means I won’t see Ashley anymore, and would explain why I haven’t seen Ashley for about 6 weeks.  I saw her several times in January, and that’s about it.  Did she move because of us?  Her mother never like me because she thought I turned Ashley gay.  She called me a “dyke” all the time.  Anyway, Ashley knew we moved here because I had texted her, and she pretended as though her phone number was invalid.  Funny, I called the number and it was her voicemail, and I know better.

At any rate, she has completely ignored me for maybe about a year now?  I don’t understand… but I am more sad than anything, and I feel literally sick to my stomach now.  I haven’t seen her mother’s car in about 2 weeks, or at least 2 weeks or so ago was when it was really brought to my attention.  I am beginning to have regrets and think that maybe I should have put something on Ash’s car when she came to visit… “maybe I blew it?” Again I think…

The porch outside of her apt just looks plain… I’m not sure if anything has been removed or not, but something is definitely different.  There are two plants outside and they look all dead and dried up and are moved/pushed forward, and the storage shed has a lock that is hanging on the latch open.  Her welcome mat is still outside the door, but that doesn’t mean anything.  I am sick to my stomach, and I am sad.  I was really inspired knowing Ashley still lived here…

I had plans of getting all in shape and the hope of running into her at the pool.  I really hate this shit.  Excuse my language, but I literally feel sick to my stomach.  I have never liked change, and this just blows.  Any connection I even have remotely to Ashley is pretty much broken, too.  Sarah is not talking to me though she agreed to add me to her friend’s list, Crystal (Ash’s ex, who I actually hooked her up with) flat-out deleted me off her friend’s list for no absolute reason what-so-ever on her birthday, Jen (Ash’s ex, the first one who she was with when Ash and I actually met) says she wants to hang out all the time but never does and seems embarrassed to be my friend (she flipped out about me sharing a picture that was public of her and some of our mutual friends being dorky).

I just don’t feel like I have any other gateway “in,” and yet, I have no idea why Ashley actually cut me out of her life, but it was out of nowhere, and feelings for one another have been mutual, and not changed the least bit, so it doesn’t make any sense.

I guess life is going to have to go on… now I am going to have to take (experience) a loss.  I really hate this, and I wish so badly I could turn back the hands of time… I feel really depressed right now.

I feel alone, and all I want is to feel connected again… how am I going to get my inspiration back without her even close?  I feel like it has officially ended now, and I am sick to my stomach.

Forget the fact that we just traded our car today and have a better car, more suitable for work purposes, I completely forgot.  I don’t even want to walk anymore… outside… nothing.  My last bit of hope has just been shattered.

It never changes…

Sometimes I feel sad and have to remind myself of my life purpose.  I am human and cannot deny my emotions.  To be cut off from loved ones hurts, and I don’t think you can really understand what that feels like until you’re in the shoes yourself.  Amongst all of the hard work, I still think of her… she’s in the back of my mind, and I can only wonder whether she thinks of me.  I see her from time to time, and she ignores me…. because?  She is running away from herself and her feelings, that which she knows to be true but hates the site of it because on some subconcious level she is afraid… of hurt…. of rejection.

That is some pain, to deny those you love, and honesty.  She’s killing herself.  Numb.  “Addicted.”  Not to any drug, but to self-denial.  It preludes.  And I am left to stand here…

I cannot walk away from something I know to be true, nor can I deny my feelings.  For the longest time I always knew her to be so “alive.”  Now, I don’t know where she stands, much less where we stand other than the wall she’s placed between us.  It boggles me.  I’m sure we’ve all felt this way – romantic heartbreak… at some point or another.. where the feelings that linger… and no matter what, they just don’t go away.  Friendship, closeness, and the liking.  Certain people in our lives stick with us day-to-day.  And that’s when I ask,

“What’s my purpose?”  I remind myself of why I am here, and it’s not to love you… my soul purpose is not to love you, but I want a friend… a kinship.  And yet she runs and she hides… this song coming to mind:

How long will she run and hide and seek out the approval of others?  And what about that journal, of hers, that I never saw… can she read mine?  Does she have any desire to?  Does she just write it off like she writes her own feelings off?  …lost?

I always stood by her, and I always stood up for her, as she stood up for me, and after all of these years I have never stopped caring for her.  We were so alike, two fiery redheads stubborn and as strong as can be.  Driven.  To succeed, to be the best.  To be honest – with ourselves.  To be role models.  And we were… but “did she die,” I ask?  Where am I?  Without her, I feel lost in some way…  like a part of me has died… I need that connection in my life.

And I just sit here, and I wonder if all of my words are in vain… to take away all the pain, I never drugged out.  I never have, nor have I desired to.  I stayed clean.  I am clean.  I always have been, and I always will be.  I guess I just have to trust the element of fate in my life a little more and surrender to “What’s meant to be, will be.”

March 11th, 2011. Car being sold to pay lyme disease treatment.

I have not asked my adoptive parents for money in literally years — at least 4 years (freshman year of college), and my biological father I have; however, he has not agreed to help me with anything except with school, which I have finished.  Mind you, both sets of my parents are well-off, both owning their own businesses and making really good money.

As of tomorrow I have to sell my car in order to pay for lyme disease treatment.  Lyme disease treatment is a few thousand dollars and can be up to thousands and thousands if the oral antibiotics do not work and intravenous IV’s are needed.  My car is a really good car and has been exceptionally maintained.  I have literally put over $3,000 dollars into the car and have every single receipt for it.  It has an absolute zero accident history and clean carfax report.  The car has held up really well and is extremely reliable.

I am upset that I have to sell my car now in order to pay for treatment, and it’s a shame because it is going to jeopardize my independence, financial security, and ability to find a job.

My mother has helped my 40-something year-old brother out, providing him with $800.00 a week, etc. whenever he needs help because he’s currently going through financial difficulty, yet I, her own daughter, is sick and she is unwilling to help me with a medical necessity.  No good mother with a decent heart would ever allow her child –again, who has not asked or received money for her in years, to go untreated with a chronic illness.

Goodbye car:

January 28th, 2011. Dream w/family (cousins included), beach, & Jen’s backpack.

I dreamt last night of my family (including cousins) and some of my ex’s… Jen… Amanda… and possibly Erin.  I faintly remember being with my family on vacation somewhere…. we were inside of this vacation rental and there were a bunch of cots.  I remember seeing Jen’s backpack –it was bright orange and gray and she was dating someone as usual.  I remember in the dream really feeling her carefree, light-hearted, zesty, spontaneous personality — it was nice.  I woke up missing her and feeling nostalgic for having dreamt of my family and especially being on vacation with my family.

Outside of our vacation rental was a shore line– either lake or beach.  I faintly remember chasing a sneaker along the shore line that was getting swept away by the tide.  The family, ex’s, and I were outside enjoying the sun and water.  I remember someone’s sneaker who I was in charge of protecting fleeing into the ocean, and I called out to my family –whoever was in the water, to grab it before it was swept away!  I can’t remember which of my family members were in the water, but I know for a fact that my cousin Ashley was, and she had falsely accused me of doing something with one of her sandals that I didn’t do or even touch, and I remember feeling shitty in the dream and thinking, “I always am scapegoated.”

The song below was echoing in my mind when I awoke.

Digital Summer-  Rescue Me

So maybe I’m the one that needed saving
Someone to rescue me from myself
And now the memories are slowy fading
Wish I could see me through the eyes of someone else

I remember the look in your eyes
When you were reaching out to me
And I tried to help you
But now im haunted by the hero that I couldn’t be

So maybe I’m the one that needed saving
Someone to rescue me from myself
And now the memories are slowy fading
Wish I could see me through the eyes of someone else

I drown out my thoughts now
As pathetic as it may seem
So just take it away now, help me forget how
I just stood there frozen by your screams

I know I shouldn’t blame myself
For what I cannot control
It seems so impossible to ever let this go

So maybe I’m the one that needed saving
Someone to rescue me from myself
And now the memories are slowy fading
Wish I could see me through someone else
Maybe I’m the one that needed saving
Can you help me now
Trapt in this life with no way out
Sometimes I wish I was someone else
Someone else