April 29th, 2011. Career expansion-growth.

I would like to work with an organization to help 1. Optimize the organization (ie, it’s structure/order), and I would like to 2. Work directly with its people, using my skills and abilities to help individuals develop their potential…

I seek to work with an agency in helping the agency carry out its mission, values, and vision to the fullest, mobilizing resources, creating energy, and movement

I am interested in work that entails the following:

Staff trainings, team development, facilitating events, leading workshops, educating and training, facilitating personal growth, leading discussions, creating PowerPoint presentations for learning purposes,  enlisting participants feedback, raising awareness, advocating, central role in events/planning, part of a committee board, revising job duties/descriptions, able to revise/updating agency’s website, blog, twitter, and Facebook/calendar, able to create/revise organizational chart, create/develop resource guides & handbooks.

Ideal work environment: -Structured w/clear organizational chart -Ample opportunities for growth and advancement -Ample opportunities for leadership/staff development -Strong focus on personal growth (abundant travel/training opportunities) -Competitive salary w/excellent benefits -Regular staff/board/committee meetings  -Ability to work independently as well as be a part of a strong team -Work with value-minded colleagues… same mission/purpose  

Nature of ideal work…

-Nature of work involves creative, innovative problem-solving -Be able to effect change and policy -Help other employees identify their strengths and weaknesses -Help other employees identify and overcome barriers and challenges -Demonstrate and encourage leadership skills

Ideal job summary (essay): My ideal work environment would have clear guidelines and clear organization.  The environment would allow for creative problem solving and implementation.  *It is crucial that within this structured environment, there are ample opportunities for creativity, innovation, and growth/advancement. The organization would offer a competitive salary with good benefits.  The environment would consist of value/mission-driven colleagues who are passionate and committed to maintaining high levels of personal and professional integrity.

There would be minimal supervision (autonomy/freedom would be valued) but a strong focus on the team and team development.  Ample opportunities for staff development/growth, and learning would be offered. Summary of work: I need work that allows me to be innovative/develop and that’s challenging.  I greatly enjoy overcoming obstacles and barriers.  I also benefit/need a great deal of autonomy (freedom/independence) but to be a part of a strong team with a strong mission.  I would also like to be a part of council or board (committee) meetings where changes can be brainstormed and further improved.

NOT ideal work environment:

-Lack of opportunities for growth and learning -Minimal opportunities for creative problem solving -Heavy supervision (I need freedom/autonomy –minimal supervision)

The organization should be organized (external environment, as well as structurally) and things should be efficient.  Employees should be competent.  I am an idea person, and so I would like to be able to make suggestions and have those suggestions heard and taken seriously (ie, implemented).  I would love to be able to implement those changes myself eventually.  Constant growth, learning, and challenge is essential.  The worst thing is to be working a job that is not rewarding and not challenging, ie: stagnant (ie, conventional).  I would not thrive in an organization that is not open to change and constant growth/development.  I especially thrive in new agencies where programs and curriculum are being developed and there’s ample room for ideas/feedback.

In terms of work, I value:  Organization, Efficiency, Growth/Learning Opportunities, Competent Staff, Challenge, Competitive benefits.

Type of organization I am interested in working for:

Help develop leadership skills, help individuals articulate their needs and ideas, responsible for creating social and environmental change, building relationships, workshops and training sessions, planning and implementing, identifying and researching better methods, organize, carry out, projects, skill-building trainings, develop workshops, planning and implantation, project-based learning, community development, coaching/mentoring central role.

Example of a place I might work at:  Our mission is to empower, organize, individuals to become leaders, critical thinkers, develop knowledge and skills.


  • Excellent leader with vision, self-motivated, organized
  • Self-aware, Intelligent, value-driven, resourceful
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Passion and drive to excel, critical thinker
  • Strong research and presentation skills,
  • Wpm 90, PC/MAC, MS Office Pro, willing to travel

I value:  Respect, discipline, teamwork, leadership, growth and expansion,

Personal Areas/Fields of interest:

Organizational Development Professional Development Leadership Development Project management/Project leaders­hip, Executive coaching, Consulting, Human Resources Partner

April 24th, 2011. MMS/Life Update.

I have still been taking MMS 2 drops per day per hour now since April 11th.  The last few days I have been having joint-pain in my hand/fingers.  I was symptom-free for 10 days.  Granted, the past 3 days I have been thrown completely off schedule and have been eating unhealthy.  I plan to get back to the “basics” so-to-speak, ie: healthy structure/routine tomorrow.  I am speculating that there may be a correlation between my symptoms and junk food, but I will not be able to determine this until more time has gone by.

My current weight is 120.  It fluctuates between 118 and 122.  I am satisfied with my weight.  I would like to eventually incorporate some light exercise into my routine.  I already walk a few times a week, and I am in the process of trying to build a bicycle.  I plan to take the bicycle to the shore and ride along the boardwalk.  I am a bit hesitant about riding in the city.  Note:  I have not ridden a bicycle since age 11 or 12.  I am excited, but wary!  I do not like the idea of riding in the street with cars and would rather ride on the sidewalk, however, it’s illegal.

I am having my period and it’s really heavy.  I am crampy and miserable today.  It is over 80 degrees outside — it went from being cold, rainy and dreary to sunny and sizzling.  I would much rather live somewhere where the weather is in the 70’s all year long.  I hate the extreme hot and too much sun, and I think I’d rather be ice cold than hot.  My skin burns easily.

I am tired today.  As I said, my schedule has been off.  I had someone over here working on some bikes I have for sale and the work took twice as long as expected and so I did not get to sleep until 2AM.  My schedule calls for me to be asleep by 11PM.  As I stated earlier, I will attempt to resume my structure tomorrow.  I am currently working on (juggling) multiple “projects,” ie:  bikes, books, networking opportunities, play, etc.  I am most interested in building a life for myself.

The MMS is starting to taste bad.  I am not sure if it’s because it has been used a lot now and/or has sat near the sun/warm temperature, etc., but it’s starting to become repulsive.  I am taking 1 to 2 drops intermittently.  I am trying to tell myself it’s just “lemon juice,” but it’s beginning to leave an immediate bad aftertaste in my mouth.  I tried mixing it with pomegranate juice without “added” vitamin C and it turns out pomo is an antioxidant so it’s not allowed because it deactivates the MMS!  I ordered Jim Humble’s book on MMS from an Amazon bookseller and the book has not arrived, nor has my other Lyme book shipped via Amazon fulfillment.  I am very frustrated and am going to have to call them tomorrow.  Both items stated they were delivered…

Light, efficient, quality, aesthetic bike is what I am looking for — basically what I look for in everything.  ie, portable, quality, aesthetic.  I am fortunately not having any regrets about ridding the car — so far it seems to be working out; the winter may be another story.  At any rate, I am again just working on building self-sufficiency.  I will be going to some networking events soon for professionals.  I first have to get my hands on some professional attire, ie: white button-down blouse and trousers, although it has been brought to my attention that a blouse I already have can be taken to a tailor and adjusted.

I am going to chill out now, listen to some music, look at some pictures, and eat lunch.  I will then likely hop in the shower to help soothe my cramps and then go upstairs and relax.  I want to go outside but it’s entirely too hot.  Unfortunately this is how Philadelphia is most all the time between April and September.  Blah.  I just want to keep the focus on becoming self-sufficient so that I can live out my values and vision.  I will keep persisting.