March 31st, 2011. Glasses – tough call. Hmm.

Glasses are important; you see them every day, and people see them every day.  You have to look at yourself every day; you get pictures of yourself taken, or are included in pictures.  Glasses are just as important as keys – they help you see!

With that being said, this is what I have now (just bought):






and I just found out they come in tortoise colored, too:






I like the classic (top), but I also like the tortoise color, although in this particular picture they look very flamboyant!  I like a more subtle tortoise color, and it’s hard to tell which it is until you can actually see it in person.  I just ordered myself another pair, and I am going to return whichever one I don’t like.  I love the classic, I really do, but tortoise goes better with my completion, clothing, style, etc, although the classics would definitely look excellent with my black chucks ;)

At any rate, feel free to provide feedback!